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Kimba The Sunday Post
Thanks Kimba! It’s a chance to look back on the week, look at what is important and maybe what was not important.

I have been obsessed with OUTLANDER on STARZ! Aside from all the yummy goodness of the men in their kilts and the women in historic dress, I am really thrilled with the theme song.  I hadn’t, to my knowledge, heard it.  Then, somehow, I saw the poem was based on a poem by the first poet I knew, Robert Louis Stevenson, THE LAD WHO IS GONE. when I was looking at Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook Page  I read it was based on the story of Flora MacDonald who disguised Charles Stuart as her maid and spirited him out of the country. She was arrested but, supposedly pardoned because she told the king she’d have rescued him in that same position.  Read more about Flora Here!

Turns out Stevenson’s poem is based on a slightly earlier Scottish folk song written by Sir Harold Boulton, 2nd Baronet, to an air collected in the 1870s by Anne Campbelle MacLeod (1855–1921) .  Robert Louis Stevenson based his spoem THE LAD WHO IS GONE on it, and Bear McCreary adapted the song as the opening titles of the 2014 Outlander TV series, sung by Raya Yarbrough, changing the text of Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem Sing me a Song of a Lad that is Gone to fit the story. (Wikipedia THE SKYE BOAT SONG)

Last Week on the Blog

On the blog this past week I have been playing catch-up as I am a few books ahead. I tend to forget to take notes on a book,  but I do listen and read very hard. My problem is that I am so disorganized that I can easily forget what I already read! Naughty blogger!

First up this past week, on MONDAY September 1, I looked at  TRAPPED AT THE ALTAR by Jane Feather: Unusual Plot, Characters & Settings 

TUESDAY:  I indulged in more Outlandermania with a recap of Who’s POV? OUTLANDER: THE GATHERING Recap.

WEDNESDAY:  We got stuck on an elevator for the second time this summer with STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE: You Just Never Know

THURSDAY: I feature another favorite author’s latest book IT’S IN HIS KISS: Enabling Change

FRIDAY:  It Always Comes Out: THE TRUTH ABOUT LEO  by Katie MacAllister with a giveaway you can still enter!



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Coming up:

Monday THE WITCH WITH NO NAME review and why I love this series.
Tuesday  Outlander Episode 105 recap and/or review
Wednesday I will review Janet Evanovich’s TAKEDOWN TWENTY
Thursday  I’ll  have a review of the third book I have in Tracey Solheim’s RISKY GAME with a giveaway of three audiobooks GAME ON, FOOLISH GAMES, and RISKY GAMES.
Saturday Review Redux

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