Sunday Post: Defense Against Ugly Shoes

Kimba The Sunday PostThis is the only meme I participate in regularly and I love it! It’s a great chance for me to stop and look around a little.  I have to thank Kimba the Caffeinated Reviewer who organizes it! What a community leader!

Please take a minute or longer to look at Kimba’s Blog and the other awesome bloggers who participate.

I like to think of this Sunday Post as Happened,  Happening and Will Happen.

After our brush with celebrity last week, this one has seemed pretty quiet.  On last Sunday we tried to avoid crowds by going to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I have come to believe there is no such thing in NYC as avoiding crowds.  After that we walked a bit and went into the Century 21 store — also crowd filled — to look at shoes.  They have a section of Haute Couture shoes that are still as ridiculously expensive as they are ludicrously designed. Seriously, many of these must have been designed by the equivalent of monkeys with typewriters.

For example the shoe below:

CHARLOTTE-OLYMPIA-Enchanted-Forest-print-teddy-bear-satin-pumps fair use for critical review

While the shoe itself is nicely proportioned and even the print could be pretty with the right outfit the glued on teddy bear head has no legitimate reason for being there.  I also have no idea how one gets one’s foot to make this shape.
This was not the only shoe crime against humanity I saw, I just don’t have the spleen to go on. Women need to defend themself from such ugliness!

Anyway, on the blog I had these posts and banners this week – I did not make the Roni Loren tour banner:


Saturday  Review Redux
Friday  The American Heiress
Thursday Roni Loren Guest Post
Wednesday Need for Speed (Reading Rant)
Tuesday OUTLANDER Wedding Recap
Monday Knight of Love

Other graphics this week include:


I did not receive any books by mail this week and I think I downloaded one or two. I downloaded an audio of David Sedaris’ HOLIDAYS ON ICE from the library.

I bought DRAGONFLY IN AMBER as an audiobook because I want to live vicariously through Jamie and Claire.

Will Happen:

Monday: A recap/review of the mid-season finale of OUTLANDER
Tuesday: Carpathians and Lycans on Deck with Christine Feehan’s DARK BLOOD audiobook review.
Wednesday: I demonstrate my obsession with Jamie and Claire when I review OUTLANDER (the novel) by Diana Gabaldon. I will probably compare the book and the series.
Thursday: a funny break: HOLIDAYS ON ICE by David Sedaris. Do not ever read or listen to anything by David Sedaris with food or drink in your mouth. It will not stay there!
Friday: FOR THE LONGEST TIMESaturday: a Reading Review what I read and wrote about this past month.




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