Rainy Days & Giveaways! The Sunday Post

Well, I’m sitting in my family room listening to my oven finish its self-cleaning cycle, and hearing the strong winds of the classic nor’easter storm system we are having [wondering when I will lose power and if I can get dinner made before then].

I like the SUNDAY POST MEME  hosted by Kimba The Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s the only meme I am into to. She keeps this thing going come hell or high water — THANKS KIMBA! After you have read here, come on by!Kimba The Sunday Post

This past week was quiet with a trip to the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden in Boothbay Harbor on Sunday. This is so impressive, because it has gone from basically a few plants to an amazing series of landscaped environments in less than 15 years.

And then: some cat box redesigning —  you don’t have cats, just move along to the next section  — nothing to see here.
If you have cat(s) it’s really smart to build what we call cat bathrooms into your house so you don’t have litter boxes all over the place.  This can use a small closet or a custom built cabinet. And now you can even get cat boxes disguised as furniture.  Some people believe that cat boxes need to be out in the open, but I have had very few problems.

But, our boxes, put in when we built the house,  were not created with waterproofing in mind so – “Ick Happens.”  After a week of searching and re-purposing of boot trays and tote boxes we now have moisture resistant boxes cat boxes!   My husband is primarily responsible for the cat boxes, but it is up to me to develop the cat poop logistics.


So other than that I have been putting info, reviews and giveaways on the blog.

This week I have had two  giveaways:

With a guest post from Tracy Solheim for the release of HOLIDAY AT MAGNOLIA BAY,
With a review from  Jessica Clare for the release of  ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE and,

A hop: FRIGHT NIGHT with which I combine a review of THE WINTER KING  These are due to the generosity of the authors and publishers:Tracy Solheim, Tule Publishing, Jessica Clare and Penguin/Berkley, Tantor Audio, Lara Adrian and Avon/HarperCollins!

Check them all out via http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/giveaways-hops

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Then I also had an OUTLANDER themed post. I cannot seem to get away from the series — probably because I am rereading it and also because so many OUTLANDER themed blogs and sited blogs have sprouted since August.   But anyway, I was curious about what the real places and fictional places are in the books. Here I look at a few, but if you wonder about one hit me with a contact form and I will see what I can find.

Outlander Places Banner

Then I also had a review of the audiobook for Lara Adrian’s A TOUCH OF MIDNIGHT, a MIDNIGHT BREED series novella featuring Gideon and Savannah.


And I even had a BOOK NEWS post about ROMANCE AT RANDOM’S new BOOK BOYFRIEND SITE which I think is very cool.

Book Boyfriend Banner
New Icons for 1970s, Boston, and Archaeology.

Coming up the next week: Well, I am bound to be behind because I decided at the last minute to run off to RI with my husband overnight. Woo Hoo!


Monday:   review SNOW FALLING ON BLUE  GRASS by Molly Harper,
Tuesday: Scheduled:  a Guest post from Marissa Clark
Wednesday A review and Giveaway for Marie Force’s new Book I SAW HER STANDING THERE Thursday a Review and Tour Stop for Darynda Jones new Book SEVENTH GRAVE AND BO BODY (Tourwide Giveaway)
Friday: something bookishly informational!
Saturday: Review Redux and
Sunday: Sunday Post and Monthly Tally!

Here’s the deal on the tally:
Somehow I have slowed down my reading. I think it is the audio books, which I love, but which take longer to finish than print. I started reading them to be abel to catch up on household stuff, paint and run without “wasting time.” But, it has slowed me down.

ELSEWHERE ONLINE: Diana Gabaldon has proclaimed OutlanderAnatomy her favorite new blog. It is pretty cool!

So that’s it = be sure to enter the three giveaways still happening here!