Sunday Bloody Sunday: My Sunday Post!

Today is Sunday and that makes it time for the Sunday Review and I love the Sunday Post from Kimba The Caffeinated Reviewer. Go Check it out, after reading mine of course!

Kimba The Sunday Post

Why bloody Sunday?  Well. aside from the world going to hell in a hand basket, I worked my fingers to the bone.   Working in the yard I moved a butt load of cobblestones back to the location whence I had removed them in 2013. Then I planted like 30 shrubs and plants. Here’s my reasoning for working on this stuff so hard: It was my idea to redo the front walk and the porch and I can’t do fine carpentry or use power saws.  So I do the grunt work — we’ve always been a project couple and try to share the work load.
And I had my physical so I got stabbed and stuck with a variety of sharp pointy things.


See, this is what my hand looks like this morning:

bony hand

Also, I generally use a phrase or song title that comes to mind to make the title more interesting  ((wink)).  I figure if it appeals to me then it is picking up my current vibes.



This week I had one rant and some reviews:


A Very “Marry” Christmas Anthology” CHRISTMAS BRIDES

THE SHELL GAME: Keep Your Eyes on the Ball!

DRAGONFLY IN AMBER: The Outlander Obsession Continues

TEMPTING THE BODYGUARD Are We Doomed to Repeat Our Parents’ Mistakes? (Audiobook)

Review Redux: TAKE ME by Diane Alberts: Another Parent Trap?


Picture Show:


I made a few banners this week. The “Fake Fiance” rant was the most difficult to create; the concept is hard to put a visual too. For me engagement is graphically symbolized by a diamond  ring. I went with motion — a diamond flipping end over end in the way a fake fiance story goes out of control.

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I only made one icon although it felt like I made more.

Georgian Period Icon




These are some of the physical books that came my way this week from publisher.  I usually don’t feel like showing these off but there they were all lined up and smiling for the camera! I also downloaded audios of Echoes of Scotland Street, The Chalet and First Impressions from Penguin/Random House, and THE JOB by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. And I bought Vouyager (Outlander 3 by Diana Gabaldon) :

Books Received for 10/12
These are the physical books I received this week. When I review the books I noted, I will be giving the print copies away.

From the web:


Diana Gabaldon posted a good article on FB about the mid-season finale: Post by Diana Gabaldon.

My friend Mary talked about losing pets and the accompanying grief.
Felicia, the Geeky Blogger and I got into it over what someone else said:  but we’re cool.

There’s so much cool stuff on the interwebz — I wish I had the time to haunt it.

Coming up

MONDAY: LIFE REIGNITED author,  Sabrina Garie, stops in with a guest post and a tourwide giveaway!!
The rest of the week: TRULY  by Ruthie Knox, TALK DIRTY TO ME Review and Audiobook Giveaway
Early reviews of MARIE FORCE’s I SAW HER STANDING THERE (sigh)  and ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE by Jessica Clare. Both with long term giveaways. (will not send out the books until closer to publication date).
Then next Saturday look for another Review Redux! This time with a Molly Harper theme.