Driving slow on Sunday morning: The Sunday Post

Kimba The Sunday Post
This is the weekly meme where I hang out. I am not a big “memer” but this one is low key and fun.
It’s the SUNDAY POST hosted by Kimba The Caffeinated Reviewer. She keeps this thing going come hell or high water — THANKS KIMBA! After you have read here, come on by!

I LOVE to take Sundays slow and hang out with the one I love and my cat kids:

Well, this week things got ugly at my house.
Or, maybe just messy.
The toilet in my bathroom began leaking just before my husband left on a business trip./ We looked at where it was leaking and stuck a cup under the leak, and he went off on his trip. But, it was also leaking from the base so I was trying to look at it and whacked my forehead so hard I saw stars.
Lovely: a black and blue goose egg smack in the center of my head.
Once I decided I was not going to pass out or die I shut the toilet off. And, from CA my husband told me which toilet to buy.

I found it online at a certain price and locally they then tried to charge me twice that amount. When I told them that they lowered the price.
This goes under “Why brick and mortar stores lose business to the internet.”

Then I decided to clean one of the cat boxes pretty completely and well, it’s better than a leaking toilet for fun, but not much. With four cats someone is always an “out of the box stinker.”Belle Johnson Cats

So, here I am, trying to figure out what’s going on, what’s going up and where the heck I am.
Issue with scheduled posts got nasty and then with the scheduling plug in. Fixed that.
Sort of.



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Thanks Sabrina for coming by with your guest post!



I liked some of my graphics this week and I made a new banner for today:

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Icons:  I seem to have that almost covered or sometimes I can’t figure out how to graphically represent an idea.  Here’s my new stuff:


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Last week I thought I would get to the Marie Force and Jessica Clare books but I did not. So they will be coming up soon. In fact this week:

Monday I take a look at what locations in OUTLANDER are real. Woo Hoo!
Tuesday – is supposed to be a guest post but…

Wednesday Exciting – a review of ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE with excerpts a giveaway here and a tour wide giveaway.

Thursday   Review: TBD

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