Taking Stock of an OUTLANDER Obsessed Week & Month

This past week I began running more seriously. I have to keep my weight off and switching up cardio is very helpful.
I don’t really care about what I eat most of the time, but I do like my cocktails.  But I am Celiac and Gluten Free food is calorie dense and never comes in “Lite.”

This meme comes courtesy of KIMBA’SKimba The Sunday Post CAFFEINATED REVIEWS

Anyway, this is when I look at not only what I did this week, but last month as well. I break it up though so you can easily skim or skip as desired.
It’s like a time travel machine for bloggers!

Speaking of Time Travel — I believe I win the contest for using the word “Outlander” the most in one blog post.


 Saturday I posted a

I am giving away a choice of three out of five romance-ish books (pictured below). One is “literary fiction”  but looks really good anyway! Head on over to Saturday’s post to enter.

BOOKS IN OCT 2014 giveaway
Friday I reviewed   Kendra Leigh Castle’s FOR THE LONGEST TIME.

Thursday Audiobook Review HOLIDAYS ON ICE by David Sedaris. I think he is the funniest man alive.

Wednesday: Reread and Review   OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon. My own trip through time.

Tuesday Audiobook Review of DARK  BLOOD by Christine Feehan.

Monday:   Here’s the OUTLANDER Mid-Season Finale Recap BOTH SIDES NOW. Did I mention my current OUTLANDER obsession?

Coming Up:  Honestly, I read Marie Force’s new book too early to put up a review and I am listening to a 33 hour long book so, I have very little idea what next week looks like! Does that make me nervous?  Oh no, not at all!

At least I know what’s on for Monday: Trending Titles: Fake Fiancés,
And Tuesday we’ll have: A review of an anthology CHRISTMAS BRIDES from St. Martins Press.


Graphics for the week:



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Everything is linked 🙂

Read and Reviewed:

  1. DARK BLOOD by Christine Feehan Reviewed 9/30 (A)
  2. THE AMERICAN HEIRESS by Daisy Goodwin (A)
  3. KNIGHT OF LOVE by Catherine LRoche
  4. BORROWING ALEX   by Cindy Procter-King (A)
  5. THE SAINT by Tiffany Reisz
  6. HOW THE SCANDAL SEDUCES by Sabrina Jeffries
  7. IGNITED by J. Kenner (A)
  8. TOP SECRET 21 by Janet Evanovich (A)
  9. RISKY GAME by Tracy Solheim (A)
  10. TAKEDOWN TWENTY by Janet Evanovich (A)
  11. THE WITCH WITH NO NAME by Kim Harrison
  12. THE TRUTH ABOUT LEO by Katie MacAlister (A)
  13. IT’S IN HIS KISS by Jill Shalvis
  15. TRAPPED AT THE ALTAR by Jane Feather

Outlander Episodes:
104 The Gathering
| 105 Rent | 106 The Garrison Commander | 107 The Wedding | 108 Both Sides Now

Review Redux
THE LOVERS Eden Bradley

Speed Reading: How to Read Fast


Sunday Posts:
9/7   Sing Me A Song Of A Lass
9/14 Leftovers
9/21 The Postess with the Mostess
9/28   Defense Against Ugly Shoes

31 Posts
15 books Read and Reviewed for 160 so far this year.

Wow,  one thing the list tells me is that I am totally OUTLANDER obsessed. I know my obsession PALES in comparison to the lengths many fans will go to for OUTLANDER.  It’s unlikely that I would fly to Scotland for an Outlander tour. Unlikely but not necessarily.

This month I read and listened to novels with length. No doubt that slowed me down a bit. And audiobooks, while enabling me to get other things besides reading done, take longer to listen to than the same novel would take me to read.

Another factor this month was our porch rebuild. I insisted on assisting my husband several days this month. Some of those were SO hot. I also insisted he go buy a drill press because whenever we had to drill a hole for a screw and plug we would break our drill bit. Then we had to dig it out – or at least try to. This was costing us in time and degree of frustration. And, time is a-wasting!

A couple of years ago, we built a shed but some surprise surgery I had made it impossible for me to help  for a few weeks and that pushed us into working on the shed in January and February. If we lived in California this would not be a problem, but we live in northern New England – it’s an issue.

I also reviewed and recapped 5 episodes of OUTLANDER and this prompted me to re-read the book, OUTLANDER. That is a long book.

My one rant, on 9/24, was basically about keeping up. Any book blogger who doesn’t do a lot of memes and promo posts will tell you it is hard to do a daily blog of original material every day of the year. Especially when I don’t get a lot of comments.
This is why you’ve seen me pick up a meme, this one coincidentally, on Sundays and create my Review Redux feature.

I cannot keep up with my reading and my life without these two weekend additions to my schedule. It has  lead me to a decision not to take any review requests, and only consider guest posts that are new, original and exclusive (the latter is not a policy change; not accepting review requests is).

I do offer author take-overs. The author submits an original, new and [temporarily] exclusive guest post. The author has an entire day to talk with you, the reader about their work,  If you are an interested author, contact me via the contact form in the menu bar above the post!