It’s Here, The Bookish Ball! GIVEAWAY POST

Today is the BOOKISH BALL  and I have a lot going on.  I am on from 4:30 to 5:30 this afternoon with convo and giveaways. Here’s the ball if the link doesn’t work:

The Bookish Ball is a Facebook party given by bloggers instead of authors it is being coordinated by Sharon at I SMELL SHEEP and Anna at HERDING CATS AND BURNING SOUP.  It’s a chance to meet other bloggers and readers and to win some groovy stuff. Here’s the schedule:

4-430PM Fang Freakin’ Tastic Book Reviews
430-530PM Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
530-7PM I Smell Sheep
7-8PM Bookswagger & Brazen Babe Reviews
8-9PM Taking Time for Mommy
9-930 PM Eargasms Audiobook
930-10PM Herding Cats & Burning Soup
1030-11PM For the Love of Bookends
11PM-12AM Simply Angela


It is also a whole new world for me. I have  never done this before and want it be fun and exciting with giveaways and chats.

THIS IS REALLY A GIVEAWAY POST FOLLOWING THE GIVEAWAYS IN MY 4:30 to 5:30 PM EST SLOT.  My giveaways are all going on from now through the 13th.  All the giveaways end at 00:00 hours EST 11/14/2014. All the Giveaways are open to US Shipping only and you must be at least 18. The terms and conditions are on the rafflecopter forms.

What would a historical romance be without a ball? And, not just Regency or Victorian Romance Novels.
At the ball 20th c. F. Vezin

There have been dances and balls in romance since before Jane Austen (I think — does anyone really know when the first ball in a book was written?).


Giveaway 1:  Attending the Ball


TALK DIRTY TO ME by Dakota Cassidy

In this story, the heroine is trying to overcome her “mean girl” past and would love to reunite with the love of her life.

Talk Dirty To Me banner


THIS IS AN MP-3 CD and is downloaded to your computer and then to you MP-3 Player or played on a cd player/computer configured for MP3s.

Comment Here and use the rafflecopter. Terms and conditions on the form.

You can comment as you like as long as it is meaningful and civil but, here are some ideas if you like:

What’s your favorite book or movie with a ball in it?
DO you ballroom dance or have you ever taken ball room dance classes?
Have you gone to a ball, cotillion or prom?


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Stuart Damon and Lesley ANn Warren in Cinderella

Giveaway 2: Passive or Passive Aggressive?


Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

On the facebook post I talk about a book by Sir Osbert Sitwell, THE CINDERELLA COMPLEX which was made into a play in the 1960s. 

“This Cinderella is a compulsive martyr who’d love to have the whole world weep and say: “Poor Cinderella,” as she spoils life for her family. Her stepmother buys her a Paris gown for the ball. Her stepsisters line her up an intriguing date. But Cinderella prefers to suffer. A wise, witty show.”

Do you think Cinderella was passive and meek or passive aggressive??

Lucky us Banner

Audio Book (multi CDs) Is the second Giveaway.  It’s about two sisters who live in the 1940s and who are not rescued by Prince Charming and never go to a ball.  They depend on themselves, a VERY good friend and little else.

I reviewed it HERE To enter Visit my Facebook page using the rafflecopter form and then enter (and Rafflecopter has recently changed this from Liking a page to Visiting it in deference to new Facebook policy: “When you enter a giveaway with this entry option, you’ll only be able to complete the entry only once the specified Facebook page is visited. Once the ‘visit us’ button is clicked, you’re able to complete the entry. ”

Terms and conditions on the form.

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Giveaway 3: What to wear?


Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

Poison Promise Banner
Jennifer Estep’s character, retired-ish assassin Gin Blanco, occasionally goes to some kind of fancy do.  She rarely gets to enjoy the entire event without having to kill someone, usually because they are trying to kill her.

She’d tell you the best evening wear is black. It doesn’t show blood. She could kill a baddie in an dress or in her street clothes without breaking a sweat.

I reviewed it HERE.

My final giveaway for the paperback copy of POISON PROMISE

Comment telling me which dress from the picture below YOU would wear to the ball in one or more of these places (multiple locations to accomodate readers) and use the rafflecopter:

1. my FB Bookish Balls post at anytime after 4:30 PM EST, and use the rafflecopter
2. on my FB Fan Page ( anytime during the giveaway and use the rafflecopter.
3. here anytime and use the rafflecopter.

✹If you have a dress you prefer, submit the picture on the FB post after 4:30 PM EST or on my FB fan page anytime today.

You can comment on one, two or all three if you like.

what to wear

PERSONALLY, I would choose H!

Comment as directed and use the rafflecopter form.

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And that’s it.  Thanks for coming to the ball. I hope you entered the giveaways and had fun!

Hippo Polka 1850s