Sunday Post: Cinderella Before the Ball


Kimba The Sunday PostToday I am doing the weekly Sunday Post meme with KIMBA THE CAFFEINATED REVIEWER.





I’m sitting  in my own little corner in my own little chair bemoaning how much work I have to do and how ratty I look.  CinderellaBut on TUESDAY I am going to the Ball, The Bookish Ball, that is.  Yeppers my fairy goddess is dropping in to turn my sweats into a gorgeous gown.

I hope you will come in – I have a bunch of prizes to give away.  I haven’t decided what they are yet, but there will be a few!  Consider yourself invited. The entire ton will attend! Seriously, please help me avoid total embarrassment and come by! HERE:

Bookish Ball Nov. 11


I am having a hard time choosing my gowns, and I do have a lot of gowns from charity balls and weddings.
None of them look Victorian or Regency, like many of the gowns in the historical fiction I read,   this so I may just choose from these:

Victorian DressesRegency Dress

Honestly I like the Regency dress on the right more.  What do you think??

Do drop in and have a dance and a cup of punch, hippocras. some syllabub or hock.

Speaking of Giveaways: this past week I had two which are still accepting entries:
A second giveaway for I SAW HER STANDING THERE from Marie Force which is a fabulous prize package from the publisher!  Today is the  ➡ LAST DAY  so hurry over to enter!



AND, A Paperback copy of BURN FOR ME from ILONA ANDREWS:

Burn For Me Banner

The rest of the week went well. Monday was my birthday but my husband went away so I spent the day cooking  down our gigantic Halloween pumpkin into soup. I made about 3 gallons!

Saturday: Gratiday! Many Thanks!
Friday: #OUTLANDER Crazed, I looked at VOYAGER!
Thursday:I looked at the new book from Ilona Andrewws BURN FOR ME.
Wednesday: Reviewed THE ART OF THE ENGLISH MURDER — Audiobook
Tuesday: The Special Publisher giveaway of I SAW HER STANDING THERE from Marie Force
Monday: A fabulous guest post from TERRY SPEAR: Books and Bears are Me!


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I also made these icons this week:


Next Week: Monday: Masters of Seduction by Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy
TUESDAY  The Bookish Ball! I am on at the Facebook event from 4:30 to 5:30 but I’ll be dancing and sipping punch all day, right here.
Wednesday: Vixen in Velvet
Thursday, Friday??? Who knows!
Saturday, I am taking a day off, completely by leaving a post up on the blog but not comments. Think elevator music and pretty colors. And then,
Sunday you’ll find me right back here.

I got a few books in, but there is only one that I will review. I don’t like to go into what came in my mail, because it has little bearing in what you’ll see here soon.