Sunday Post Birthday Edition – October Tally

Yeah, tomorrow is my birthday.  Today, I am grateful to make it another year — sigh.
And I am participating in
Hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading.

Hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading.

But today I am doing the weekly Sunday Post meme with KIMBA THE CAFFEINATED REVIEWER.

I am also grateful for bloggers like Kimba who have the energy to graciously manage these things.
Kimba The Sunday Post

Banner Week! I won the title of Blogger of the Day Thursday on Darynda Jones’ SEVENTH GRAVE AND NO BODY cyber tour. There are about two days and whatever hours are left in Sunday to enter Darynda’s giveaway! Marissa Clarke visited with her favorite quotes, I reviewed SNOW FALLING ON BLUEGRASS,  and looked at images of Halloween through history. And I went out on a limb with Litter Box Logistics. Yesterday I will have finished up with the Fright Night blog. I hope you entered. I still have a giveaway for Marie Force’s newest, I SAW HER STANDING THERE open (HERE).

I do not think I made any icons last week.  I may have forgotten them altogether. But I did have some groovy banners:

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In November I am participating in the Blogger Ball – A FB Party for Bloggers to invite readers to come by and partee!
THE BOOKISH BALL Nov 11 my time slot is 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM and I will be live on Facebook that whole time with giveaways!

I am also participating in BLOG AHEAD – a challenge to help bloggers have more posts ready and scheduled.
Blog Ahead
Monday I have a fabulous guest post from my friend, author Terry Spear. She is also a well-known creator of personalized and very handmade teddy bears. They’re fabulous!

***Tuesday I am doing something I don’t normally do and featuring a book with a fabulous giveaway. This giveaway from Marie Force is amazing and I was one of just a few blogs chosen to participate, so I wanted you to have the chance to win this amazing gift package. Seriously. Amazing. I reviewed the book last week but this was special enough to bend my policy to flex a bit.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – I have a lot of yard work and am running a lot so it is safer to listen to a book doing those things and the only way I can give up the time to do them is with audio books!
Audiobook Review The Art of the Lucy Worsley (The Art of the English Murder)
Voyager by Diana Gabaldon (audiobook),
MASTERS OF SEDUCTION. Anthology. This may be partial
BURN FOR ME by Ilona Andrews with Giveaway!
Monthly Reading Roundup banner

Books read:

This past week’s posts have an *

  4. THE WINTER KING L. Wilson
  5. A TOUCH OF MIDNIGHT Lara Adrian
  6. ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE            Jessica Clare
  7. I’M DREAMING OF AN UNDEAD CHRISTMAS Molly Harper (reread in new format)
  8. THE CHALET Tara Sue Me
  9. Echoes of Scotland Street Samantha Young
  10. TRULY             Ruthie Knox
  11. TALK DIRTY TO ME Dakota Cassidy
  12. TEMPTING THE BODYGUARD Jennifer L. Armentrout
  13. DRAGONFLY IN AMBER Diana Gabaldon
  14. THE SHELL GAME Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
  15. CHRISTMAS BRIDES Suzanne Enoch, Alexandra Hawkins, Elizabeth Essex, Valerie Bowman
  16. FOR THE LONGEST TIME Kendra Lee Castle
  17. HOLIDAYS ON ICE David Sedaris
  18. OUTLANDER Diana Gabaldon

This brings me to 178 for 2014!

Saturdays in October I loosened up a little with different posts:

10/25 Now This is Fun! Who’s Your Book Boyfriend?

10/11 Review Redux: TAKE ME — Another Parent Trap

10/4 SATURDAY IN THE PARK Romance Giveaway!

I am still a little OUTLANDER obsessed:
Having wondered through out the series and the first two books which non obvious places were real I did
It’s A History Thing: Outlander Places

And, on Halloween I did a great visual montage of Halloween Images and Postcards from cute to creepy! And, I threw in some history.

I had some wonderful Guests come by

10/28 What’s Your Favorite Quote? Author Marissa Clarke Shares Hers

10/21 Author TRACY SOLHEIM Cooks Up A Magnolia Bay Holiday
10/13 Author Sabrina Garie Shares Sander’s Bucket List. What’s on Yours?

All the Sundays in October I was right here at the SUNDAY POST!