Slake Your “Droughtlander” Thirst with this OUTLANDER Trivia Quiz!

Oh my – How long we all have to wait for OUTLANDER Season One to resume.  I have seen some blogs, perhaps wittier than I call this period DROUGHTLANDER.  Seems apt, and I know I am always looking for ways to slake my thirst for more Claire ad Jamie (and the other characters of course).

I know I am not a truly devoted fan girl, but I do love the series.

I’m busying myself rereading/listening to the entire series again.  I was just listening, but to make up this new feature I bought the books.  I gave mine away 18 years ago to a friend who moved .  So, ugh, I bought through Drums of Autumn and that’s what this quiz will go to.

Anyway, I hope to make this a feature once or twice a month.  There won’t be prizes  — at this point,  it is just for fun. I hope you enjoy it. If you think up any questions I could include please send them via the comment form accessed through the menu bar right under the blog header.   If you like, you can tell us how you did in the comments.

I think five questions is a good start.

What are the first few words in the silver ring Jamie gave to Claire?

1. Come live with me and be my love (Marlowe)

2. Da mi basia mille (Catallus)

3. O my Luve’s like a red, red rose (Burns)

4. She Walks in Beauty (Byron)

Who gave Claire a block of Amber  with a poem for a wedding gift?

1. The Duke of Sandringham

2. Hamish MacKenzie 

3. Hugh Munro

4. Murtagh, Jamie’s Fraser Godfather

Which is not a way to manipulate travel through the stones according to Roger MacKenzie’s and Brianna’s experiences

1. Gemstones, Gold and Silver

2. Blood Sacrifice

3. Going on a Sun Feast Day

4. Thinking hard about the person you want to meet

What kind of “works” does Jocasta take Jamie and Claire to the day after they arrive at her estate?

1. A Whiskey Distillery

2. A Wool Mill

3. Turpentine Distillery

4.  The Cameron Warehouses

When does Jamie meet Lord John William Grey?

1.  At Ardsmuir Prison

2.  In Paris, at the University

3.  Before the Battle of Prestonpans

4.  In Virginia

Be sure to drop in next Monday for a review of DRUMS OF AUTUMN