Blue Sunday Reminiscing and Complaining!

Today it is time for the SUNDAY POST meme hosted by  KIMBA, THE CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER It a chance to look back and ahead. Thanks Kimba! This is a book blogger’s chance to be not too bookish, to reminisce about the past week and about life, and to prognosticate on the coming week!
Kimba The Sunday Post

Here’s today’s Sunday Song:

This is Blue Sunday from The Doors, around 1969.  It has that languid feel of a Sunday after a late Saturday night.  It reminds me of when my husband and I were “dating” in the early 1980s.  Sunday mornings were these ricotta filled Italian, sugar coated filled doughnut like things from this amazing Italian bakery near my apartment.  This was the real deal.  It was a hole in the wall with a real, elderly Italian Nonna making all the baked goods. Everything was amazing.
Back then we listened to a lot of classic rock, on vinyl and played it (at my apartment) on the $100 all in one stereo I had bought in Macy’s cellar.  It was always freezing in my apartment so there was a lot of snuggling involved.

Above montage and music from Enzo Josei on YouTube.


Also, this time of year gets me a little blue because of the lack of light. Being blue is more than sadness though; lately, it is also anger.  I am angered by the lack of consideration, and intelligence, I see in people walking across intersections against lights, sometimes staring more at their phones than their surroundings. I am also amazed at the lack of consideration people show for others in walking on a sidewalk or in a store.

If only people would treat each other with respect and consideration.  People should not stare at their phone while walking on busy streets and sidewalks.  People INVARIABLY walk more slowly and with less awareness and the people behind them are only restrained from pushing a text-walker out of their way because the have better manners.

I love my phone as much as the next person, but the world is happening out there and not in my telephone. I cannot think why we would need to read a text or reply THE VERY SECOND the signal chirps.
And, we all do dumb stuff like this sometimes, I know I do, but if you find yourself doing it you get a chance to change your actions!



I currently have a giveaway for ONCE MORE MY DARLING ROGUE by Lorraine Heath. ErinF won my BLACK FRIDAY BOOK BONANZA and the books went out to her Tuesday!

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I only made two new icons this week. One for amnesia was hard to do because it’s hard to find artwork for lost memories. Hence the fractured facial features. The Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge icon will be on books I read for the challenge hosted by The Book Vixen. I tell all about it in the Challenges tab or HERE.

Coming Up This Week:
Monday: Making book review icons with shapes in photoshop.
Tuesday: FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT by Roni Loren Review!
Wednesday: Holiday on Ice by Jaci Burton, review
Question MarkThursday: Audiobook Review RACED by K. Bromberg
Friday: Either a Review or I’s a History Thing: Do You Ken the Kilt?
Which should I go with? I would love to have your opinion!

I did not get any books this week either live or online. Thank goodness! I am really trying hard to get my list of all books down. I feel a lot of pressure from the mountainous TBR list. For the time being, I am not taking any requests for reviews and have asked a few contacts to not send me print materials.

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