It’s Sunday and that means it is time for the SUNDAY POST hosted by KIMBA, THE CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER!  Thanks Kimba!
It’s my chance to tell you all what’s up with me, what  was on the blog this  past week and what’s coming up.   Well, we know one thing that is coming up, CHRISTMAS!

Kimba The Sunday Post

I saw this wonderful show on November 1, 2004, and it made a huge impact on me.   With its soaring vocals, and lyrics filled with themes of friendship, loyalty, fear, and well defying gravity gets me choked up every time I hear it.  When the album came out I played it over and over and over again.  My housekeeper must have thought I was insane.

This is a shortened version.  The scene itself is over 7 minutes and well, that’s too long for a Sunday blog post. THere are two women, two unlikely friends, one of whom chooses to  stay and live within the societal strictures imposed by her world.  But Elphaba has seen the writing on the wall, and knows that if she stays she’ll be corrupted.  Too late for second guesses, too late to go back to sleep.  Furthermore she sees she has just begun to explore her potential.  It has nothing to do with Sunday.  but everything to do with living.

I love this song, this idea, so much that I had a wall words piece made of it that says Defy Gravity for my office.

I don’t own this but it was open for sharing at YouTube:




M: Plunging Into Challenges
T: HILLBILLY ROCKSTAR by Lorelei James: A Surprise!
W: NIGHT SHIFT is Where the Wilder Things Are
TH: NOTHING PERSONAL: Ridiculous Premise, But Ultimately, About Love
F: After the Rain: A Tornado of Emotion
Saturday is my Day Off!


The Week’s Pictures!

I also made several icons — the first two will be used to tell readers when a book is part of one or both of the challenges in which I am participating:


Coming Up This Week!

There are going to be a couple of days this coming week when I will look like a big fat Scrooge!

MONDAY:  Jan Irving drops by with a short guest post and the Third Excerpt in the tour for her new book STAR!
TUESDAY: Review of the anthology, ON THE NAUGHTY LIST anthology by Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Beth Ciotta and  Sugar Jamison.
WEDNESDAY: I look at Opal Carew’s HIS TO CLAIM
THURSDAY: I offer a huge group of fun and weird holiday images (Audiobook)
FRIDAY: I have a review and giveaway of THE ACCIDENTAL COUNTESS by Valerie Bowman (Audiobook)
Saturday is my Day Off and Sunday, I will be right back here!

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I hope you all have the happiest possible holidays!