Jan Irving: STAR & Miracles (Third Tour Excerpt)


My Guest today is Jan Irving who is bringing on her new book STAR, filled with the miracles of quantumphysics.  This is a travel day for me as I am on my way to visit family for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, isn’t there a STAR and don’t a couple of religion’s holidays feature miracles?? Hmmmm.


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I had some amazing experiences with quantum physics this year.

Well, truth is, we all do. The things we find amazing coincidences, when things we need just walk into our lives? It’s not an accident. I think we attract what we most need. Yeah, we attract it, but can we accept it? Can we receive it? That’s the rub.

It’s something I explored in Star, the story of an ex con with no reason to believe in wonder anymore. His dreams, his hopes have all been crushed by family, by events, by his own good intentions that came out of his fists.

Matthew’s in a place where he thinks his life is just going to be one crappy thing after another. But see, in a tiny part of him he still dreams. He still looks up in the sky and wonders and it’s that part of him that calls to earth an angel, the one being in all the universe who can heal him.

The story’s premise makes it sound as if Matthew has to save an angel, get him safe, but by saving another we are always saving ourselves. By healing another, we always heal ourselves.

And for me, that’s the most amazing part of life. That the stories are all true. The myths are all true at their core. Stories tell us that love is the only way to freedom and they are true. We are stronger when we love, the strongest, and when we feel that way we can accomplish anything, be anything.

So really, bringing an angel to earth and having a holiday adventure with him? Not really that amazing after all, not in light of the billions of planets revolving and the color of the sky and the scales on a fish and all the miracles we live with right now.

Thanks Jan! Read on for the synopsis and the third tour excerpt!

Synopsis of STAR:

When an angel takes over his boss’s body after a freak accident, Matthew’s cracked heart opens, but will he lose his once in a lifetime chance at love before the holidays are over?

Matthew Cromby figures it will be just another lousy holiday to get through, especially when mouthing off costs him his job. The bitter ex-con never counts on lightning striking his former boss Star Hollister during a freak LA storm that forces an angel to take over Star’s body.

Lost and vulnerable, Star relies on Matthew’s street smarts to keep him safe. Moreover, since he’s been watching over Matthew all his life, he yearns to heal him. But Star can’t stay in a human body without diminishing himself so unless they find a miracle they will be parted forever.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.


Excerpt IconExcerpt from STAR:

He was such an idiot and now he was totally overreacting, blowing it.

Star blinked.

“Have a nice day. Sir.” Matthew turned his back on Star and went back to the janitor deal. Few more hours and he’d be in his crappy apartment, lying on his bed. And maybe he’d think about those dark, startled eyes, the tangled brown hair tumbling over his forehead, and Star’s height, which he secretly found sexy, though he knew his fantasies made Star out to be nicer than he was.

Star’s cell phone went off and he answered it, no doubt already forgetting Matthew. “Yeah… Hey. I’m sorry—I meant to call about him. How is Antony doing? Did you get the test results back? Uh-huh. Look, I want to know what’s wrong with him… No, I don’t believe that! He’s just lazy. He needs to focus, and let me make it clear that he’s your problem—I have a company to run!” A long pause. “Fine, but I have plans this weekend, so just send him back to boarding school, okay? Yeah, that’s the way I want it, and I’ll thank you not to lecture me about being a parent! Antony is very well provided for. I know—I sign the fucking checks.” Star ended the call, breathing hard.

And Matthew burst out, “You selfish prick!”

“What?” Star strode toward Matthew and…slipped and fell on his hot, muscled ass.

Matthew smirked, watching as the big man kept sliding and couldn’t regain his feet so that he hit the wet floor again with a very satisfying smack, almost as if Matthew himself had delivered it.

And wasn’t that a thought?


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About Jan Irving:

Jan Irving has worked in all kinds of creative fields, from painting silk to making porcelain ceramics, to interior design, but writing was always her passion.

She feels you can’t fully understand characters until you follow their journey through a story world. Many kinds of worlds interest her, fantasy, historical, science fiction and suspense—but all have one thing in common, people finding a way to live together—in the most emotional and erotic fashion possible, of course!