Favorite Audiobooks of 2014: What were yours?

I saw a couple of  other bloggers in an event talking about their favorite audiobooks from last year. I wasn’t in on the event (i’m not miffed, really }}sniff!{{) but it gave me an idea for this post. I just started listening to audiobooks last year when I discovered that I could perform menial tasks and do some painting while listening to audiobooks.  It actually helps me paint because I reserve my critical nature for the book.

Here are my top four Audiobook Picks for last year (in no real order except that the first is my top pick) from the 29 or so that I finished. There were many others that I enjoyed, particularly  Jill Shalvis’ and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series.  I found it difficult to choose. Closest to making into the top four was RUDE AWAKENINGS OF A JANE AUSTEN ADDICT  by by Laurie Viera Riglerand narrated by Kate Reading (Review); it was very close.

Purchase, publisher and author links are with the individual review posts.  I also listened to some of Tracy Solheim’s Game On series and enjoyed them too!

 My Top Pick:

WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD is an Epically Epic, Sagacious Saga (Audio Book)

Written in MY Own Hearts Blood Banner

Of all the audio books I listened to last year this was my favorite by a mile. Some felt the series was getting a little scattered. If so, this book sets it back on the right path.  It was so passionate, so intense, and well written.  It brings a lot of pieces together and Gabaldon is outstanding in her ability to bring characters to life.  Davin Porter who reads the book is the Empress of all audiobook narrators.  I could listen to her all day and I have been listening to the series from book 2 to book 7, AN ECHO IN THE BONE which I am currently working through!

LUCKY US Drifting through Life in the 1940s (Audio Book Review)

Lucky us Banner

This story by Amy Bloom was wryly narrated by Alicyn Packard. I enjoyed this unlikely tale of half-sisters, their father, their very, very good friends and their lovers, landladies and employees. I loved her delivery of ironic line after line. It’s unconventional, weird, and told in letters. It is a panoramic view of the times from the Depression through WWII.  An awesome listen.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS Doesn’t Need a Second Chance to Make it a Good One!

First Impressions Banner

There are a lot of Austen themed novels out there and once in a while one will cross my path.  Some are good and this was one.  I liked the story, the narration by Jayne Entwhistle, the confused romance and the sense of suspense that lasted until the very end.



With skilled narration by Beverly Crick  and noble’s equally talented writing, this story has a  lot to offer.  It has a rhythm of place and theme.  It has a villain who really isn’t a villain just being destroyed by circumstance, and that leads to understanding the plight of the governess.  But, he is helpless to change his course.

I loved the way Noble uses setting and diametrically opposed situations to develop her themes. It is very effective in affecting how we see the characters and in allowing the characters to change believably.  For, in returning to home, we can regain our roots and humility.

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