BOUND BY FLAMES Fizzy or Fizzled?


Night Prince #3

BOUND BY FLAMES coverby Jeaniene Frost
Mass Market Paperback/ebook: 384 Pages
Audio:  narrated by: Tavia Gilbert 8 hours 4 minutes

Finished copy provided by publisher for review. no remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.



Play with fire, pay the price.

Leila’s years on the carnie circuit were certainly an education. What she didn’t learn: how to be a vampire, or how to be married to the most famous vampire of them all. Adjusting to both has Leila teetering on a knife edge between passion and peril, and now the real danger is about to begin…

Vlad must battle with a centuries-old enemy whose reach stretches across continents and whose strength equals his own. It isn’t like Vlad to feel fear, but he does…for Leila, because his enemy knows she is Vlad’s greatest weakness. As friend and foe alike align against himand his overprotectiveness drives Leila awayVlad’s love for his new bride could be the very thing that dooms them both…



I have really loved Vlad and Leila’s story, and admired Jeaniene’s ability to rehabilitate this very violent character without excusing or apologizing for him.   I fell hard for Vlad in the Cat and Bones books. and really loved the first in this series.  The second book was not my favorite and while I still enjoyed this one, and like the story, I feel it has some issues preventing my absolute adoration.

It’s possible that when Jeaniene was done with her Night Huntress series she was actually just done with the series and it’s entire universe. But what I felt here was fowmulaic writing, a little too much jumping from being inside the maelstrom of the fight to the end.  I thought the whole end came too east and Szilagyi, the big bad in this series, was darkly cartoonish, like a more evil and disgusting Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.  And, Leila felt a bit like the lead character in the old 1980s or 2990s movie,  Tank Girl.

All the big angsty things, the things that either Leila or Vlad feel guilt for are totally not a big deal, or are funny once they are explained to the other partner. And I was not at all feeling the fire between Vlad and Leila at all. The words are there, I just wasn;t feeling it. Maybe because there is so much actual fire? And, the violence and such is absolutely brutal, so I do admire the strength with which Frost imbues her characters.

I got a little confused with elements of Frosts world-building: Essences, trails, abilities to connect telepathically, shields.  And, when needed an ability seems to pop up like a good old Deus ex Machina.

But, the story still drew me in the end and there were some points where I was able to lose myself in it.  If you love the series, you’re going to enjoy this.









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