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by Seressia Glass

SPICE cover

Temptation comes in many flavors…

Nadia Spiceland works in the business of temptation. The confections she crafts at the Sugar and Spice Bakery and Café lure in the locals. But one customer is interested in more than just her delectable sticky buns…

Kane Sullivan teaches human sexuality at the nearby college, where coeds are clamoring for seats in his lectures. Nadia is reluctant to his advances, yet she also has needs. Who better to fulfill them than the man who’s referred to as “Dr. Sex” by his female students?

Soon Kane creates a hunger in Nadia that nothing can satiate. It weakens her, and that’s something she cannot risk. Not again. But Kane’s masterful touch might just be powerful enough to melt her heart—and free her to trust again… http://www.penguin.com/book/spice-by-seressia-glass/9780425275092


Sugar & Spice Series #1 |Paperback & e-book  | ISBN 9780425275092 |  336  Pages |  4 Nov 2014 | Penguin/Berkley |Adult
Book provided by publisher for review purposes.  No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.

It’s the beginning of the new year and I am changing up my review style.  I’ve never employed a “method” and don’t intend to look at each book in the same way,  but I do want my reviews to be shorter.  I would love to know what you think.

My Take!I really did not think I would like this book. Oh, great, I thought, Yet another BDSM book with a young woman meeting a totally together Dom who opens her eyes to the wonder and power of the BDSM lifestyle.  What we really get are two people who are each vulnerable and each dealing with issues in life.  For Nadia, it’s coming to terms with feeling worthy of love after 4 years of sobriety and scandal. For Kane it is overcoming an undeserved reputation and having to deal with the dark side of the psychology of human sexuality.

I liked the informality of the power exchange between the couple, but usually I don’t. I always want to see informed consent.  I think it was okay here because Glass keeps it fairly soft and informal and while BDSM is part of the story and sexual exploration it is not at all the whole story.

I did make a note that the way the author treated “orgasm” as a thing, an entity on its own; waiting to be released or accessed.

I did not like the speechy, declarations about addiction, mostly from Nadia, about addiction and recovery, as if she were repeating memorized notes from rehab.  This kind of info-dumping often annoys me and I find it often occurs in books where the author has to demonstrate that they researched the topic.  It reminds me of a PSA after a TV Show with a difficult issue.  The rest of the story was not expositional though; Glass is a very good story teller and shows us how her characters feel and experience their actions and emotions.

I also thought the characters were not as fully drawn as they could be and that at the start Nadia is portrayed as very different, hipper and more together than she becomes when exposed in the vulnerability of the bedroom.

All in all, though, I thought this book was a win and very very hot as Glass writes very sweet and spicy love!  I recommend it to lovers of erotic romance who also like books that handle difficult issues like addiction.

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  • Nadia and Kane journey through the text of THE ERFUMED GARDEN OF SENSUAL DELIGHTS, an Arabic text by Sheik Nafzawi in the 16th century.  Like the Kama Sutra the positions in the book have unusual names. If you had to think up a name for a sex position what would it be – think funny.  I don’t need to know how it’s done – just the name.  Here’s mine: “Alien roasting a hot dog”

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