Sunday 2, Year 32, Blog Change-Up ?

Each week on the blog I look forward and back  with my friend KIMBA, THE CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER
Kimba The Sunday Post
Thanks to Kimba for hosting this each week!
It’s the second week of 2015!

If  you’re of the male persuasion, you might want to skip this box:

Wow, I have been feeling  like a teenager since my doctor switched my hormone replacement treatment: All the great stuff we associate with a particular time of the month: acne, tenderness of previously erogenous  zones, cramps and more!  Yes, I have won the darker side of the teenaged-body do-over!

It’s kind of one of those be careful what you ask for situations, but it has been the over-riding thing in my life for the past few weeks; since before the holidays really.

We’ve changed up the mix now and we’ll see what happens. Hoping I feel less like a teen soon!

Wait, is that another one of those be careful what you ask for things???

Thursday my husband and I celebrated our thirty-second wedding anniversary.  Best decision I ever made.  Woo Hoo!

It’s been colder than crazy here, and in much of the northern and eastern US and Canada too.  Ugh!

But, enough of that.  I have decided to expand my genres (still not reading YA, religion, or horror) and shorten my reviews so it’s time for a new look — a radical, new look.  I’ve been working on that this week and it’s fun.  But it will be hard to say goodbye to the couple copulating in my header…. And, I have  a lot of books to get through from the past six months; I will be working on those first!

On the Blahg last week  I had reviews and guest posts from Penelope Douglas and Elizabeth SaFleur  and one little op ed!

FALLING AWAY: Special Excerpt & Giveaway from Penelope Douglas

In I NEED A HERO I opened a discussion on the reality of heroic characters.

JASON by Laurel K. Hamilton, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

SPICE is Spicy & Speechy (Giveaway)

Hot Characters, Hot Spots in Washington DC from Guest Elizabeth SaFLeur

I created these two new icons.
How do you represent “Paranormal Romance” graphically?


Coming up I have a review of  THE FIERY CROSS by Diana Gabaldon,  HIS AT NIGHT by  Sherry Thomas,  THE JOB by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, then a DNF! with giveaway, then something else…???