Feeding the Obsession: The Sunday Post

The hoidays are finally over for another year! Thank goodness.

Each week on the blog I look forward and bacK  with my friend KIMBA, THE CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER
Kimba The Sunday Post
Thanks to Kimba for hosting this each week!

This was kind of a blow off week for me, it was my husband’s last week of vacation and we had our big NYE party. So books were not front and center in my mind. Reading wise I’m in a rut but since I am expanding genres and really not taking requests or downloading books, I feel like I will get out of it soon.  It is REALLY hard to read what feels like the same book over and over again.

We had our big potluck New Year’s Eve party that we have had for five years now.  Next year we may go to Iceland on NYE to see the Aurora Borealis. It was lots of fun.  Until the cleaning up.  I made three legs of lamb crusted with herbs. We didn’t have a HUGE amount of left overs but enough to make a lamb stew. You can get a lot of fat out by chilling and skimming it. I feel HUGE from all the food and I do believe I drank an entire bottle of champagne or more.

We set out the world’s most impossible jigsaw puzzle but people weren’t too into it.  They all wanted Cards Against Humanity but we had discussed the game and felt it was too risque for the mix of people at the party.  Our friends, who range in age from 45 to 75 all scoffed at the idea they would be offended so, maybe next time.

How do you break out of your reading slumps??

On the blog last week I started here on Sunday
Monday was my annual tally of books and blogging and I featured all my icons.
Tuesday: I looked at Cecy Robson’s A CURSED BLOODLINE.
Wednesday I had some old postcards and Thursday I had more and I made some resolutions for the blog and reading in 2015.
Friday was a History Thing feature post looking at human height in history.



I did not create any new icons last week.  Probably because I only had one review.

I did have quite a few ARCs by favorite authors delivered: Lynsay Sands, Molly Harper and others…. Plus I won a slew of books from The Delighted Reader and Accidental Leigh by Melanie James from Eargasms.

smal lantern graphic
I had very little time to do more that shop for food, buy food, prepare food and hang my paper lanterns for the party. I get WAY too caught up in that!!  Could someone please invent a string of corded led lights spaced far enough apart to attach to the 9 to 10 inch paper lanterns?  Or put out an led candle with an easy way to hang them.  I make complex harnesses for about 30 and hang them. Then pull them in right before the party to turn them on.

Yeah, I got a little obsessed.  I even have my husband search for nicer lanterns when he travels to Asia.

So, this week on the blog? 
Monday:  I  have a post for FALLING AWAY from Penguin Random House: an exclusive excerpt and tourwide giveaway!
Tuesday: I’m looking at heroes. What makes a hero? Should they be more realistic or have smaller,…muscles?

Wednesday I hope to  look at JASON by LKH but I am waiting for the publisher to give me some information.

Thursday  probably a review and giveaway of SPICE by Seressia Glass

Friday I should have a guest post from Elizabeth SaFleur.

Beyond that, I would just be happy to get into a book and not cook for a week!

With my best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!!