The Sunday Post: Home Improvement

Each week on the blog I look forward and back with my friend KIMBA, THE CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER!

Kimba The Sunday Post
Thanks to Kimba for hosting this each week! I really enjoy it and it gives me a chance to go check out a lot of other blogs from one place.

This week, last week and probably the next my husband and I have been painting our family room kitchen and downstairs hall.  My father was a house painter and by doing this ourselves instead of hiring people, I always feel I am continuing his legacy.  We weren’t terribly close in beliefs, interests or temperament so there are few things I can think we share.  Plus, he was a real craftsman and I cannot bear to pay people to do things I never feel they do as good a job as he did.
He never made a lot of money although he worked his entire life.

We’re also looking at some new furniture since our family room furniture has begun to disintegrate.

We’re house project people and have been since we got married.  Here’s Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young singing their song:  “OUR HOUSE” I was able to embed from YouTube:



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I had two giveaways with three prize packages end: Share the Love and The Viola Carr giveaway.  Winners prizes are in the mail.  Have you entered Renee Charles’ giveaway for her book Only Love Survives?

Square Challenges IconOn the three challenges in which I am participating I have 19 out of my goal of 36 to 50 items in Cliche Klatch, 21 of 50 in Literary Pickers and in Contemporary Romance I have 9 or 10 out of 21 (waiting on a reply from host about a particular book’s eligibilty.

NEXT WEEK is a BIG DEAL  Starting off tomorrow with a giveaway and post about women and books for:
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On Tuesday I have a review and tour post for the NEW Lynsay Sand’s Argeneau series book, THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME:
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Wednesday and Thursday I have book reviews coming up for THE UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE by Jill Mansell, A CURSE UNBROKEN by Cecy Robson. For Friday there are a few books I have to pick from for Friday.

Last week’s graphics:

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I had a tough week computer (and internet) wise sinc I broke the screen on my Mac-Book Sunday and discovered that Apple Care doesn’t cover breakage for computers only for I-Pads or smaller devices. The screen repair cost more than most laptops.

Last Place I Looked!
I also lost my good headphones, and tore my house and car apart looking for them; stopped into every place I had been, and finally gave up the search.  I found them Friday when I finished up painting in the hallway.

Sharon and Katie at I SMELL SHEEP kicked off the Year of the Sheep on Thursday; I urge you to check out their post and big giveaway!  HERE

And, of course the Academy Awards are tonight. I haven’t seen many of the nominated pictures, have you? I think THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING was amazing, but very sad.  And if Meryl Streep wins Best Supporting Actress for INTO THE WOODS I will turn the program off.