TELL ME, TEASE ME  Audiobook Bundle


Tell Me Tease Me Audio COver
Book 3 in the One Night with Sole Regret Anthology series
by Olivia Cunning
Narrated by Justine O. Keef
Publication date Feb 3, 2015
Running time 14 hrs
Available together in ebook or paperback (420 pages), or separately in ebook formats from Vulpine Press (Jan. 27, 2015).

Audiobook provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Tell Me: Gabriel “Force” Banner has been unable to get a certain sexy accountant out of his head. Sole Regret’s inventive drummer has created big plans to keep sweet Melanie entertained all weekend long. When they leave behind the bustle of New Orleans and the rock ‘n’ roll, their romantic weekend seems to be back on track. But life has a way of butting in at the worst possible times.

Tease Me: Adam Taylor, the lead guitarist of Sole Regret, always walked the world alone, until he opened his heart and his world to his sweet, reserved rehab counselor. The tender emotions that Madison draws to the surface have him considering his future for the first time in his life, while his impulsive, reckless side causes her passion to burn bright. But can a man as wild as Adam be tamed enough for a serious relationship?

Contains mature themes.



Square Blue My TakeTELL ME is a reasonably sexy story about two people who, amazingly are not complete and total head cases.  They’ve each fallen head over heels and are happy to see each other. Neither suffers from a terrible illness, job loss, or drug dependency. Each even has reasonable self-esteem. But, Melanie has a  friend who suffers from all kinds of problems: she’s a probably a clinical nymphomaniac,  depressed, childhood rape victim, and a manipulative mess.

This story starts off hot and stays pretty hot all the way through.  We get to see Gabe’s family situation and understand what makes him tick.  In a family of MDs and PhDs, he plays drums and dropped out of college. Not fitting into my own family, I felt a lot of sympathy for the guy.  But, even though he doesn’t feel he fits in, his house is near his parents’ house. We also get to see how much he cares about his pets.  So other than Melanie’s nympho friend Nicki, this couple doesn’t face a ton of hurdles.
Even with the obligatory dust-up between the couple and stupid miscommunication scene, I enjoyed this story and its outcome.

TEASE ME ticked me right the hell off.  The “HEA” in this story is more like a Stupid Ever After.  Adam is getting his act together but as he does, Madison becomes her own kind of basket case.  I hate the phrase “too dumb to live” but I almost have to apply it to this character.  I had to force myself to listen to this story from the start to the end.  Sometimes love is not enough and in this one you can be sure the HEA will not last.  And, I didn’t really think it was hot because the relationship is all kinds of messed up from start to finish.

There is one scene where Adam has gotten his act together more and, just maybe, becoming less of an insecure jerk as he actually weathers a storm without resorting to substance abuse (although he still drinks??).  He rediscovers his artistic mojo and I enjoyed listening to his process.

Justine does a pretty good job with the voices.  I liked Melanie in particular, and I thought she gave Madison the right amount of tentative insecurity. She sounded like a bimbo. Perhaps that colored my opinion of the character who I could NOT understand as a drug rehab counselor.  Ugh!

There is a lot of explicit sex in both stories; it’s erotica. It hink the sex in TELL ME is better than that in TEASE ME because I was so ticked off reading TEASE ME the sex was less enticing.

The upshot is that I would probably read them both because they are in a series that’s pretty convoluted. It’s been a while since I last read one of these and I felt a serious lack of recall on the backstory. I did not like TEASE ME but would like to know what you think about it.



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