BLOOD LEGACY Offers Unexpected Wisdom



Blood Legacy

by C. J. Ellisson
Print and E-Book |Print Length: 340 pages
Publisher: Red Hot Publishing; 1 edition (February 25, 2015)

ARC provided by author for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.

Despite surviving silver poisoning, Vivian isn’t out of the fire yet. Rolando is still alive, as is his desire to eliminate all manipulator vampires like her. The streets of Buenos Aires prove to be a tricky hunting ground for Vivian and her husband Rafe, especially when a paranormal serial killer starts leaving bodies behind.

Overwhelmed amidst the city’s chaos, they seek help from Jon, Vivian’s werewolf servant and the couple’s right-hand man. As the deaths continue, a local alpha under scrutiny for the crimes threatens to blame Jon and reveal his master’s daytime location—if they don’t find the real culprit.

It’s a race for the trio to stop the killings, uncover the truth, and catch the vampire responsible for Vivian’s torture—before the supernatural locals pick up their proverbial pitchforks and stop them all, for good.

My Take Oblong


This is the fourth book in the VV Inn series. I really enjoy the story: C. J. has quite a lot of imagination.  I like Vivian/Dria more than I did before; she doesn’t seem as hard or glib as she used to seem to me. Either she’s softer or I am. Hmm.  It’s also nice to feel that Dria, who always seems to have anticipated everything, and who is terribly powerful is also vulnerable and needs her husband, her vampire servant, Jon (who is a werewolf) and who undergoes his own emotional trials here.

And C.J.’s story is really imaginative and intricate.  Each character has a role in to play — there aren’t any extraneous people or critters.  I felt the plot was sometimes a little loose and occasionally found myself saying but, why don’t they just,…

Then, every so often C.J. throws in a nugget of wisdom about seeking peace, satisfaction and happiness that is kind of unexpected in the context of the genre and what one would expect to be a more action and erotica based tale.

For example,
Some people are happier wrapped in hate. It’s a sad state to be in, but there it is (loc 2319, E-ARC).

Here’s my big issue with the book. And it’s been through the series really. It is written in the first-person immediate alternating between Vivian/Dria’s, Rafe’s, and Jon’s points of view.  I find the head hopping confusing.  I don’t always finish a chapter in the same sitting as when I start, so it’s easy to forget who is speaking and then I have to regain my bearings.  Even inside a chapter I get confused by this.

I’m not a big fan of immediate narratives, meaning you are seeing things at the same time as the character — like you’re watching someone recount something under hypnosis where they think they are experiencing it, or watching an exploratory reality TV show. You know, “I’m walking quietly so as not to disturb the wild beast sleeping in his cave.”   I don’t understand how we’re supposed to believe the story when it is always being narrated this way and it is exhausting.   At times, it’s also confusing because of the way we tell stories and learning and understanding isn’t as immediate as this form of narration.  And, I don’t feel the characters are written with distinct voices that set them apart from each other.

Yes, it’s immediate in the sense of impact, but I prefer a omniscient narrator or at least a past tense format.  Or if it has to be this way limit the heads we inhabit.

The story takes place in Argentina but, I don;t get a feel for it being a different country. It could be any city with old buildings. I don’t know if it is because of the format; maybe seeing it from inside the three characters’ heads makes it feel less international.

This is technique reminds me of script-writing both in dialogue and stage direction.  Maybe it is a personal preference of mine, or perhaps it is considered an avant garde, experimental format.

So there you have it, I was shy to include this mixed review in CJ’s tour. If you like this format and genre, this is a story you will probably enjoy. C. J. has toned the sex down from the original editions of the original series.  It’s not quite as graphic as it was.


About C.J. Ellisson:

C.J. EllissonC.J. Ellisson is the USA Today Bestselling author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Vanilla on Top, the bestselling V V Inn series, and several erotica shorts. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband, two children, three dogs, and a fluffy black cat who makes her sneeze.

Unlike most full-time authors, she’s also battling severe chronic illness. C.J. works daily to put her Lupus into remission and continues to fight numerous bacterial infections while her immune system slowly attacks her body. She turned to writing when she could no longer work outside the home and claims the escape of penning contemporary fantasy, erotica, and erotic romance has helped save her sanity.



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Chapter One


After being almost killed by silver poisoning, I’m recovering nicely. Most people think vampires are immortal, and I can understand why with how long our kind can normally exist. But if you can be killed by any means, then you aren’t technically immortal, right? I prefer the term semi-mortal. Lord knows I’ve certainly killed more than my fair share of vampires, and I can attest that we are not immune to death.

I stretch on the chaise lounge, gazing up at the late afternoon cloud coverage revealed by the clear atrium panels above me. It’s a nice winter day in late June, three weeks after I escaped from capture, off the southeastern coast of Argentina, and a semblance of peace finally fills me.

Drew, one of the vampires in my seethe, or vampire family, strides into the inner garden of our large Spanish-style hacienda and clears his throat. “Vivian,” he says, calling me by the nickname most everyone uses instead of my real name, Dria, short for Alexandria. “Do you really think shipping us home to Alaska is the best idea? We all want to stay and help.”

I glance up at the tall, slender man, noting his healthy hue and the sexually satisfied air about him. Judging by the noises drifting from his suite every night since our return to the island, he and Chelly have been exploring their new relationship status, vampire and servant, every chance they’ve had.

“You’re not strong enough for this fight, Drew, and neither are the others. I appreciate your loyalty and decision to stay to see things through, but I won’t risk your safety for my own.”

Frustration appears to simmer beneath his smooth facade. “I take it there’s nothing I can say or do to prove we’d be an asset?”

I rise from my comfortable spot on the lounge chair. “Think about it—you might be a help, but what about the others?  Can you say the same for any of them?” I angle my head and go for a low blow. “Could you live with yourself if your desire to protect your master led to their deaths? Would you sleep well during the day knowing Chelly died before she had to?”

Drew’s handsome face crumples, his noble intent twisting within. “Not fair, Viv. Not fair. Dammit!” He paces away before whipping around to face me again. “Deep down, I know you’re right, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept it without complaint.”

I walk toward him, reaching out a hand in comfort. My grip rests lightly on his forearm as I push my will into him, not quite using my full manipulator traits that can sway any vampire to my way of thinking, but I give him a mental shove past his immediate anger to offer clear thinking. “I know where your heart lies, and I don’t mean regarding Chelly. I know you would fight to the death beside me, without hesitation. But I have need of you elsewhere.” His brow quirks up in question. “You will be the one to protect all I hold dear. You will be the strongest left in Alaska should trouble befall them while I’m gone.”