Pebbled Without a Cause: Sexy Clichés

Recently I began looking at clichés in the books I read.  But I have yet to see a list including clichés from erotic or steamy romance novels. I have tried to think of pics to go with this but they are really hard to find! I drew the header and that was as far as I got.

How many times have you read the phrase “pebbled nipples” in reference to the skin texture of an aroused man’s or woman’s nipple?  For me, I would say too many times.  It have come to the point where what I see in place of sexy times are funny images or even cartoons.  This entire post has arisen from this phrase appearing in at least two books last week.

For example, the above mentioned pebbled nipple makes me think of  actual pebbles on a nipple, or an entire breast made of stone — not because the description is not entirely apt, but because I’ve read it so much at this point that it has become humorous.  Anything you see repeated as many times I have “pebbled nipples” is either humorous or tragic.  We know that the tissue on nipples changes when we are aroused, and the change is a granulation of the skin that resembles many things, but small pebbles in close arrangement is certainly one way it could be described; and we have certainly come to accept the description of pebbled. I’ve also read “raspberries” and a variety of other shapes and textures that approximate the aroused state of nipple skin.

Another phrase I have not seen in cliché lists is member as a word for penis: “He lined his member up with her opening.” That one always makes me think of a bunch of erect penises wearing nose glasses lined up at a female genitalia shaped door — maybe with a sign that says “grand opening.”  Penises get their own amusing euphemisms, beyond “member” and their own descriptors, like proudly jutting, hardened length, proud shaft, etc…

Even orgasms are described to the point of cliché: stars exploding, the world flew/flying apart.

So, it’s not unique, and horrible descriptors  such as “love cream” nor labels for body parts or sex acts that I don’t like, like  I am talking about, but those we  read so many times they amuse us in their ubiquity.  They lose impact and decrease in sexiness,  because of the rate of repetition and in so losing deflate the impact or the genre.

I can see the problems faced by authors of romance and erotica: how many ways are there, after all, to describe a hardened nipple, turgid penis, or a slick vagina?  I suspect, not as many as needed but more than are often used.

I may begin keeping track, but I would love to know which terms you’ve read over and over again to the point where you either yawn or laugh at them?

I will be moderating comments so please keep it as clean as you can when discussing erotic phrases.

My least favorite cliches or phrases

1. Honey, your pvssy or cvnt is so pretty. Really? Because your scrotum is nothing to write home about.  And I hate the c word.

2. Tits, Great Tits, He grabbed her tits….. Is the word “breasts” so hard to spell? Tits sounds trashy to me.

3. The above mentioned pebbled nipples has just been used too much.

4.  Positioning his member or shaft at her entrance/opening. What is it, a store?  Male member always makes me giggle, I just wonder what club he belongs to.

5. Cream in her panties, references to wetness running down thighs. Did she lose control of her bladder?  And, if there’s cream she’s probably a dude or another mammal and you need an anatomy lesson.

6. Sensitive nubs. Enough said? Overused.

7. Skin tasting. Skin doesn’t taste like raspberries, strawberries or anything but skin unless your rubbing food on your body.

8. Flying apart with an orgasm.  Somehow that makes coming less attractive.

9. Tongue sucking in kisses, devouring kisses. Especially devouring — are you kissing a cannibal or a zombie?And tongue sucking sounds really weird.

10. Tongue Fvcking: How long is this guys tongue? Seriously.