The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire CoverHalfmoon Hollow
by Molly Harper
Simon& Schuster/Pocket Books
March 24, 2015
Ebook & Print 368 pages

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In this continuation of the novella, I’M DREAMING OF AN UNDEAD CHRISTMAS, a Half-Moon Hollow favorite starts her first job (at Vampire Headquarters), gets over her first love, and may even fall for her first vampire!

With a vampire sister and brother-in-law, Gladiola Grace Scanlon  – Gigi for short – is used to the ways of vampires, but this is different.  For five hot months, she has wondered (and fantasized) about a mystery vampire who seems to fade in and out of her life, appearing and disappearing in a way that’s downright uncanny. Not to mention “The Kiss,” the one that nearly stopped her heart.

Now that he seems gone for good, but dreaming of such delicious undead goodness is just what a mortal girl needs to help her get over her all-too-human ex-boyfriend…. Until Mr. Tall, Blond and Bite-y turns out to be Nikolai Dragomirov, a friend of her brother-in-law. Nik denies ever meeting her, leaving Gigi unsure whether to be insulted or suspicious. Did their stupendous kiss mean so little to him? Or does Nik’s lack of memory point to something more sinister – something supernatural? She’d like to play is safe by remaining aloof, but her heart seems to have other plans for her and this rebound vampire…



My Take Oblong


How could anyone not love a book containing the phrase, “Mr. Tall Blond and Bitey?” I know I loved THE DANGERS OF DATING A REBOUND VAMPIRE by Molly Harper, the latest novel in her Half Moon Hollow series.  Molly’s books are filled with all the good feelings and always touch my heart. They just make me happy!   They also leave me unable to put them down.  I started this one before lunch and then went to a meeting. When I  got home, I sat down and finished the book before bedtime.

Molly’s books are light and funny, and sometimes poignant although I don’t remember ever tearing up over one. Mostly I sigh and giggle.   And, the Half-Moon Hollow books fit together very well across story lines and characters.  So in this one Nola and her guy from A WITCH’S HANDBOOK OF KISSES AND CURSES seamlessly slips this-a-way into GiGi’s book.

It’s nice to have the continuity but, it is also nice to have the flow of a series that began with Jane and Gabriel, and then morphed into the spin offs. I find I don’t get bored, but I also don’t have too much trouble figuring out who was who when time passes between books.

Nik is an absolute fox. Yeah, I haven’t met him since he is a fictional character, but the mannerisms and personality granted him by his creator makes me wonder if Molly has an ancient Russian hottie in her past.  GiGi is often 20 going on 40, wise beyond her years, but not always.  But, in general she is pretty mature. And, she doesn’t question fate when it smacks her on the lips.

This tale capitalizes on the small town feel of Half-Moon Hollow. And, the closeness of the vampires who live there, or at least this sub-set of them. The closeness is necessary to both solve the mystery and save the damsel.   And, of course someone needs saving as there are threats coming from more than one direction.

This was probably the longest I have been able to hold off reading one of these books, and that was only because I had a lot of other favorite series books in my queue.  This story felt aimed at a new adult audience than the previous crop of stories about Jane, Gabriel, and even Iris and Cal (GiGi sister and brother-in-law) like Miranda Puckett’s story (Driving Mr. Dead).

The former Roman soldier, Cal always cracks me up and I wish he were real and could design a security system for my house!

I have only minor complaints: that the ending felt rushed, and that GiGi makes a fundamentally stupid mistake (actually, she makes several questionable decisions due to inexperience rather than immaturity). But other than that this story left me with the warm and happy fuzzy feelings that make me want to pick up each book immediately and read it through!

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