SUNDAY, SUNDAY, Back from Vacation

I’m ba-a-ack.  Seriously, last weekend was the first weekend I have taken off in five years.  I wanted to give my husband all the attention he deserves for his birthday and I did.

We had a great time in Washington DC.

The staff at the Ritz Carlton Downtown was superb and they had a lovely club lounge.

Steph at the LOC 3/14/15
Steph at the Library of Congress 3/14/15

The museums were chock-full of exciting exhibits, but everything was really crowded.  We liked the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS and the Botanical Gardens best. If I was nearby I would visit the Botanical Gardens a lot; with plenty of benches and a well maintained warm temperature, it is the perfect place to read. Check it out HERE. And I put some of my husband’s pictures below. The LOC has the MOST beautiful interior ever and the reading room is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to be a researcher there.  And the grooviest thing is that museums between the LOC and the Lincoln Memorial are all free; they are paid for with tax dollars.

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One of the best things I saw in DC was this mural at the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS:

Erotica at the LOC

That label over the top says, EROTICA.  Yes, our government recognizes Erotica as a legitimate form of literature. Her lips do look like her lipstick has smudged, and perhaps she is a little more relaxed looking that the other mural subjects – satisfied, maybe?

My week is slightly more abbreviated than usual since I took that time.

Here’s what’s happened on Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust last week:

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Since we were in Washington, I want to tell you about some of the places we went.  This trip was inspired by a post by Elizabeth SaFleur right here in January:  and we did have lunch at the Mitsitam Cafe at the  National Museum of  American Indian.  We had a delicious sweet corn soup with goose sausage and a fabulous wild rice dried fruit and watercress salad.

I could rave all day about the fabulous nature of the Thomas Jefferson Building of the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.  A while ago I saw the Magna Carta there and this past weekend we saw a Gutenberg Bible, and a letter written in 1543  from the Incan mother of Pizarro’s two legitimized children petitioning the restoration of her land and position.  I really love seeing things that old in  good condition!


But the primary draw, for me, to the LOC is that it is a temple to the written word, and other forms of expression. It expresses leaders’ devotion to the ideal of knowledge as the most vital underpinning of the country. Beautiful murals, stained glass and important quotes abound. It is simply the most beautiful interior of a museum/library/repository I have seen. And it is kept in good condition.

You can look at a lot of what is available in the LOC at