Goodbye Sassenach: The Devil’s Mark, Outlander 111

A Murmuration of birds similar to those shown in the opening of this episode.
Walter Baxter [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Outlander The Devil’s Mark


Original Airdate, Saturday, April 18, 2015
Watched on Starz Play

I was sick Saturday so I actually had naught better with which to entertain myself than transcribing the entire show. I will sometimes write CF for Claire Fraser, GD for Geillis Duncan, LM for Laoghaire MacKenzie, NG for Ned Gowan, DM for Dougal, JF for Jamie, etc.

I will never get tired of the opening sequence and the song. It is still lovely.

We open with a murmuration of starlings or swallows, the elegant, rolling form of a flock in the sky.
Geillis Duncan and Claire Fraser are thrown down, maybe 5 feet into a hole in the ground, a natural(ish) cave with a grate above.

Claire asks, Where the hell are we?

Geillis all but rolls her eyes and says, like a great big duh: You heard the warden: the thieves hole.
Claire calls out to whether there is anyone else within. Geillis cites a number of vermin . She tells Claire she has no one to blame but herself and accuses her of bring the wardens to her house. Claire says it was Laoghaire.
GD tells her that she had kept her secrets and that Claire should have kept hers. Claire tells Geillis that Jeannie told her where to find Geillis and that if she wanted to keep it a secret she shouldn’t have let it be common knowledge Claire says Geillis may not be a witch but that she knows she killed Arthur, not with witchcraft but with good old-fashioned poison.

She asks GD directly if she is wrong. GD looks away and CF takes this as an admission and disgusted sits down.

GD tells CF that she started with white arsenic figuring that Arthur would be dead by the time she was showing
CF fills in that then she’d be free to marry Dougal.

Geillis has apparently found the eighteenth century ultrasound and knows it’s a boy for she tells Claire it is.
Some food is thrown down “for the witches.”   Claire yells out wait I need to talk to you. She tells the man she is Clare Fraser from the Castle and the wife of the Laird’s nephew. He tells her that he is King Arthur.

Geillis says that surely King Arthur was more appealing than that slimy pudduck.

She smiles and says they won’t be there long because Dougal will come for them.. CF says he will not.
GD says Will too. Claire tells her that Dougal told Collum about her and the baby and that Collum sent Dougal to his wife’s funeral and commanded that he stay away,
[GD swallows apprehensively and throughout this episode varies apprehension with fear] and sent Jamie with him.

No one is coming ,Geillis, she hoarsely tells her.

It’s a soap opera moment.

Geillis grabs the bread and asks Claire to share a bit of dinner with her. Claire claims she is not hungry. How long do they mean to keep us here, Claire asks.
Geillis does another eye roll and says till the trial of course. They’ll summon the examiners. She looks up at the moon through the grate, she tells Claire they should lie close to keep warm but Claire doesn’t want to cuddle the creepy witch.

In the morning, we find Claire sleeping. The crowd, which apparently has nothing else to do with their time, starts to approach chanting 18th century pop songs, like “We’re Going to burn the Witches.”
GD tells her it is starting, and Claire, shivering on the ground says she supposes it’s better to burn as a witch than freeze to death.

We hear the warden cry, Make Way, make way. The call out Fraser as they arrive above the hole. The open the grate and pass down a ladder. The women climb out and are roughly tied and led off. There are men sliding pole into the area in the square. Claire asks GD if it is what she thinks it is. GD tells her, sarcastically that it is not a maypole. Children are playing their drums, and the men call out, make way, make way for the accused as people run alongside and jeer.

They enter the kirk. There’s high, raised pulpit, a box which on a Sunday probably held deacons, and series of pews. Someone says, Stating in evidence that the accused, one Geillis Duncan and one Claire Fraser both standing before the church’s court for the crime of witchcraft. With much murmuring and scribes scribing, he continues: they did afflict pain, suffering and death upon the citizens of Crainsmuir by their practice of the unholy arts.


Voiceover, Claire: There were no familiar faces in the crowd, none of my friends from Castle Leoch.   My knowledge of witch trials told me that the accused rarely walked free.


The door opens Ned Gowan pushes his way through the crowd, tipping his hat toward Claire who looks hopeful.   He’s asked what brings him here. Respectfully he cites that the witchcraft act of 1563 was repealed by the house of Lords in 1735 and he therefore submits the entire proceeding is illegal.
The judge says it is an ad hoc proceeding under the administration of the church.
Ned quickly says: Oh well then I see that we’ve dispensed with British law, which pleases me greatly, but I am certain you will not wish to dispense with our proud Scottish legal tradition. We are still in Scotland, are we not? The crowd murmurs.

The judge holds that no one is disputing that. Ned continues, Yes well here in Scotland an accused with is entitled to a defense lawyer in trial. A benefit sadly not offered to those in merry old England. He offers his services in support of the accused. He doffs his hat and “makes a leg” (a courtly bow) to the judges.

There are two judges, an older, gaunt white haired man and a middle age dark brown haired stocky man. For the most part I will treat them as a unit. The older man tells Ned to take his place in a bored voice. They summon the first witness, Geillis’ maid, Jeanie Hume.   Jeanie has a surprisingly large vocabulary for a housekeeper in rural Scotland in the 18th century. Geillis is surprised to see her maid there. Jeannie testifies:
I labored as housekeeper for Arthur and Geillis Duncan for nigh on five years your honor.

Judge: And did you have occasion to witness any strange or unyirdly1 goings on during that tenure?

Jeannie: I can tell you it was many the woman that come to the door seeking love charms, amulets, talismans and the like. And Mrs. Duncan was happy as Hogmanay to dispense them.

Judge: And did you ever witness Mrs. Fraser in league with Mrs. Duncan?
Jeannie: Many times, in the fields, gathering herbs and in the stillroom making potions. [the crowd gasps] Poor Mr. Duncan knew naught of any of it.

Voiceover, Clair: Jeannie was rigorous and detailed in her accusations. For the better part of an hour she built a convincing case against us.

Jeannie: It was dreadful, what befell that dear, sweet man. [She looks accusingly at GD who sneers slightly back at her.] On many occasions, I’ve heard Mrs. Duncan singing in the hall outside were Mr. Duncan was sleeping.
Judge: What kind of singing?
Jeannie: Ominous incantations to be sure [Geillis scoffs] would send the kitlins running from the house. Animals have a nose for these things ye ken, that serve evil.
The crowd, led this way and that, murmurs.
Ned: So, now we are to take the testimony of a cat? He gets a laugh out of the crowd, but not the Judge who bangs his little gavel.

Ned: Isn’t it the truth Mrs. Hume that you were unhappy in your position at the Duncan residence?
Jeannie: I was quite content there.
Ned: So content that you inquired about a position at Castle Leoch saying that you were underpaid and under-admired. And where you referred to Mr. Duncan, and I quote, as A flatulent, old sconner. And his wife to be a flibbertigibbet.


Ned is playing the crowd which finds him amusing, but damn! They have witches to burn and apparently nothing else to do.

Jeannie says she doesn’t recollect those were her exact words. And Ned discredits her testimony as nothing more than the grumblings of a malcontented maid servant.
The Judge clears his throat and commands, take a seat, to which both Ned and the maid comply by sitting.

The next witness is Robena Donaldson, the mother of the baby Claire tried to help on the Fairy Hill. Apparently they were watching the fairy hill as their baby died and saw Claire take the baby into her “vile embrace.” Claire, unable to keep her mouth from being sassy says she was there but was trying to help the baby not harm it. She cries out that she’s a healer and could not abandon a dying child!

Ned tells her to shut up and let him work his mojo on the mommy. He asks Robena why, when she saw the woman why did she not intercede and stop Claire from doing the work of the fairies.
Robena says it was because she was afeared.
Right, says Ned, so isn’t it true then that your fear and silence allowed her to contaminate the bairn so that when the fairies came they could not complete the switch?

OBJECTION! LEADING THE WITNESS! Oh wait, I’m on team Claire. Carry on!

Robena nods and Ned tells her that at least she can take comfort in the knowledge that their baby is playing, happy forever with the fairies.
Robena, and the crowd agree.
Ned, pointing at Claire: Maybe we should thank this woman, instead of condemning her.

Voiceover, Claire: Ned’s skill at turning an argument on his head started to show promise but, as I looked around the room at these good people I wondered what made them so ready to watch us burn. Regardless of the evidence they wanted only one outcome.

The next witness is called, Allistair Duffy who speaks against GD claiming she stood on the battlements during a storm, flicked her hand calling down lightning and laughed at the thunder with eyes as red as flame. Then when the wind rose she flapped her cloak and took flight like a great wing-ed bird.

The crowd gasps and cries, the gavel pounds and there are calls to burn the witch (cause she can fly and I can’t 😥 )

CF yells out that this is preposterous. The judge tells her to be silent and says they will reconvene in the morning.

As the pull Claire and Geillis up to drag them back through the town, Ned whispers with Claire that there’s grave danger afoot, and when asked, that after today there’s a fighting chance.
Claire asks if Collum sent him, and Ned says no, he would not look with favor on finding him there. He hands Claire a flask of Usquebaugh, the water of life, to stay warm at night.   It is whiskey of course.

Claire and Geillis share the flask preparing for fun times to be had on the morrow.
CF replies that he seems optimistic.
Geillis does the eye roll and says, You still don’t understand do you? They mean to kill us. Drink tonight Claire for tomorrow our ashes will be scattered to the four winds.
Claire asked Geillis whether she was after Dougal or his money and position?
GD laughs that she had plenty of money and had managed to divert a thousand pounds over the last two years.
Claire: You stole his money, Why?
GD: for Scotland,…,
CF: What do you mean for Scotland?
GD tells her she dreams of the Bonny Prince Charlie a Stuart king back on the throne.
CF: You’re a bloody Jacobite?! So it’s politics that brough you and Dougal together then? [Yeah, it was just like a movie I saw where we met working on a campaign and,…]

GD looks “dreamy” remembering what’s under Dougal’s kilt: Aye, he’s the only man I ever met who could be my proper match.
Apparently nonplussed by Claire questioning Dougal’s fidelity, she says that Collum fights for the MacKenzies. Dougal fights for the _Insert clan name here_ All of Scotland. The man’s a lion.
CF: God! You actually love the bastard.
GD looks away: Your words not mine. Though Collum ordered him to go and off he went. GD gets a little choked up.
CF: I’m so sorry (He’s just not that into you.)
GD tells her not to dare to be sorry for her. Come the rising, I’ll know I helped. Whatever happens with the examiners I would do it all again.
CF: I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country?
GD: Nicely said.
CF: Isn’t it just.
I see a glimmer of knowledge from GD, she recognized that quote as well as anyone who took American history.
She asks Claire, How about you do you love him – your ginger-haired laddie, Jamie? It’s his name you cry out in your sleep.   CF doesn’t respond just looks wistful and surprised she calls out anyone’s name.

The morning comes and we see Claire asleep under the grate covering the thieves’ hole. She wakes and bangs at he grate. She tells Geillis, who was awakened by Claire’s banging, If you really are a witch, now would be the perfect time to use your powers.
GD: Aye, same to you my friend. They chuckle and Claire sees a starling, she says that they can always find them amongst the more common birds, but their plumage is iridescent. GD says it looks like a crow to her.
Claire she talks about how when she was a child they went to Brighton in November to see a murmuration of starlings. GD asks what would possess them to do such a thing and Claire tells her it was t protect each other from falcons; safety in numbers…

A Man shouts in the distance, the first sign of the start of the day.
GD We’re hardly a flock, you and I. Although, according to witnesses I’ve been known to take wing.
The two women are emo with Claire patting Geillis’s baby bump and Geillis kissing her hand in a gesture of frightened solidarity.

As we pass the pyre on the way to the kirk, it appears bigger.
In the kirk the first witness is Laoghaire MacKenzie (LM) from Castle Leoch. She looks saucy and confident, like a mean cheerleader.

LM: She wasn’t Mrs. Fraser when we first became acquaint. She was Mistress Beauchamp then.
Judge: Go on
LM: I came to her for a potion to open Jamie’s heart to my own. [she sniffles, crying] I’m sorry, it’s, it’s just so painful to speak about.
I was the one, you see, who Jamie was meant to marry.
But she took the potion herself
The crowd murmurs. Ned looks shocked.

Judge to CF: Did you concoct such a potion.
CF: It wasn’t an actual potion. I was just trying to help her…
LM: She hexed Jamie and turned him away from me. She stole him.
CF: This is nonsense, I didn’t hex anybody.
Ned: Clearly, she’s a jealous, young lass with a broken heart.
LM: Aye, my heart was broken and when I confronted her, she struck me.
Judge to Claire: Did you, in fact, strike this woman?
CF: She put an ill wish under my bed and they tried to seduce my husband.
LM: He was the love of my life.
The crowd shouts out
CF: This girl is the reason I’m hear at all. She fabricated a note from Mrs. Duncan, summoning me. All the while knowing the wardens were coming to make an arrest. These crocodile tears are just further evidence that she’s trying to get me out of the way to get to my husband.
Judge: Cease your ramblings Mrs. Fraser, you’re an embarrassment to yourself.

Ned looks around nervously as the next witness, His reverence, Father Bain.

OKAY I DID NOT GET THIS AT ALL! IT IS SO FAR FROM THE BOOK! Is the priest supposed to be the jet rosary that Jamie tosses to Claire in the book? I guess it allows him to clear his conscience and, at the same time screw CF and GD a little more.

The priest walks down and starts speaking before he gets to the witnesses’ area.

Father Bain: You good folk of Crainsmuir, I knew when I first set of eyes on Claire Fraser that you had welcomed the whore of Babylon into your midst. You had allowed your cells to be seduced from the path of righteousness by her beguiling sinfulness and wicked allurement.
Ned. Is this a trial or a sermon?

Father Bain: I fell to my knees and parried for God to curse her malevolence and break his mighty vengeance upon her body and soul and God answered my prayers — he said to me you have made a prodigious mistake. When young Thomas Baxter was seized by Beelzebub I administered last rites. I abandoned hope. Blinded by vanity, hubris, I rebuked Claire Fraser but it was she who determined the boy was ill from ingesting poison flora and Claire Fraser did what I could not save the boys life.

Tearfully he knelt and addressed his congregation:
Blessed congregation hear my confession I failed Tamma Baxter I failed you and I failed God I am not worthy to serve the good and holy people of this parish I beseech you let me go. He wants out of this backwater village – he’s meant for greater things – maybe the Papacy?
A man yells out: Bear witness to her fiendish ploys. It would take satan himself to drive a man of God away. Crowd yells out the chorus, She’s witch, Burn her!
CF: I have done nothing!
Shouts, Gavel, etc.

Judge: The court forbids you to leave this parish.
More crowd noise. The priest nods his aquiesence.
The judge starts to stand. After heedful consideration,…

Ned cuts them off asking for a momentary recess.
Father Bain turns and gives the accused women a malicious, tight, mocking smile.

Looking shell shocked the women and Ned meet in the church office. Ned tells them he fears the climate has turned and there’s no coming back from it. He offers that they can only save one of them.

Claire, who seems unable to grasp the reality in front of her says neither of them is a witch.
Ned tells them: It doesn’t matter what you are, it’s what people think you are.

Addressing Geillis: And people thought you were a witch long before this English lass came into our midst. And let’s be frank you practiced your murky trade for years. The only thing that stood between you and a pile of kindling was your husband, and he’s dead.


GD asks Ned if he is her lawyer or her judge.
Ned replies: I’ve tried Mrs. Duncan but you’re beyond saving and you ken it.
CF: So what is it you’re saying Ned?
NedL I’m saying that if you claimed that Geillis bewitched you and you renounced her, state that she tricked you and drew her into her evil web,…
CF: What if I don’t?
Ned: They’ll burn you both.
GD looks ill, swallows. Ned leaves giving them a moment to think about it.

GD paces frantically. This is just, just too much.
CF: Wait there has to be another way.
GD rounds on CF: Why are you here?
CF: What are you talking about ? I was arrested; you…

GD: NO! Why are you here in Scotland?
CF: I was traveling from Oxfordshire.
GD: You’re lying, you’ve been lying all along: Dougal knew it, Collum knew it too. That’s why he hasn’t lifted a finger to help you.
CF: You have no idea what you’re talking about.

GD: NO! NO MORE LIES! If I’m going to die, if I’m going to burn as a witch, I need to know I’m dying for something. So, tell me now and this time I want the truth: Why. Are. You. Here?

Ned pops in – they’re growing impatient.
CF: We need a moment.

Ned: No I don’t…

Ned leaves.
CF: It was an accident. I swear to you Geillis. I’m not here for any reason. I came, and it was an accident.
GD: So, you don’t want to change things, or do anything at all, do you?

CF: I just want to go home. I don’t even know if that’s possible.
GD: Nothing, it’s really all for nothing.
CF starts to say something but is cut off by Ned you comes in and asks what they are going to do.
GD: comes around a curious ironwork screen that is in the middle of the room and says: It looks like I’m going to a fucking barbecue.
She walks forward in a business-like manner.

What do we know here? Well last week Jamie asked Claire what fucking was so we learned then it is not a common word there and then. But BARBECUE???!!!!! I don’t think Collum and Lettitia invite folks over for barbecue much!

Claire follows, puzzled. I think when they threw her in the hole, she landed on her head.


Ned tells the justices that Mrs. Fraser would like to make a statement. Claire looks around, and at Geillis who doesn’t meet her eye. She tells the judges Mr. Gowan is mistaken.
GD jumps up and asks, are you mad?
CF: Maybe I am.
The Judge: We must rely on an injunction of the lord. Thou must not suffer a witch to live, Thereby we pronounce Geillis Duncan and Claire Fraser guilty and do hereby condemn them to death!
The crowd cries out “Burn the witch!” and “Burn them both!”
Judge: conduct the prisoners to the pyre, if you please.

GD leans over to tel CF: That question you had before.
Ned jumps up with a pistol, and yells that they can’t do this – he forbids it. Time goes into slow motion for Ned.
GD continues: I think it is possible.

CF: What? She’s not catching on. People wrestle with Ned

Geillis tells Claire: 1968


The gun goes off, they wrestle Ned and throw him into an area beneath the pulpit.
CF cries out: Ned! This has nothing to with witchcraft! You’re all murderers! Your God will damn you all. You’re going to burn in hell.
Judge: You’ll not speak before this court in that manner. Strip her and skelp her.
CF: No! they grab her and drag her between two columns, as she continues to scream.get your hands off me you bloody bastard.
Laoghaire comes forward to tell Claire that she’ll dance on her ashes. She’s such a sweet girl.
As they whip Claire, the crowd becomes even more barbarous and blood thirsty. Geillis looks away and cries.

There’s a quick musical crescendo and Jamie enters, he yells, Claire, Let her go. He rushes in and pulls the men off Claire.
The judge tells Jamie he has no place in the court.
Jamie: I swore an oath before the altar of God to protect this woman! And, if you’re telling me you consider your authority to be greater than that of the almighty then I musyt inform you I am not of that opinion myself.

With a knife in one hand and a sword in the other he hold the crowd off saying, the first man forward will be the first man down.

Geillis cries out: This woman is no witch but I am.
The crowd gasps!
Claire: Geillis, no!
GD: I confess that I killed my husband Arthur Duncan by the means of witchcraft. I took advantage of the ignorance of Claire Fraser, bewitching her for my purposes.
Disbelieving, astonished men surge forward towards Geillis.   Jamie takes the opportunity to drag Claire to the back of the church, towards the doors as Geillis goes on:
She neither took part in nor had knowledge of my dealings.
Nor does she serve my master. See, here, I bear the mark of the devil.
Geillis pulls down her sleeve and shows her smallpox vaccination scar.
Voiceover, Claire: What the villagers saw as evidence I evil was actually the scar of a smallpox vaccination. And it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Geillis was from the future, from 1968.
Geillis looks at Claire and shouts Run. Jamie pulls her out as Geillis goes on:
I am the mistress of Satan!
She stands and rips off her bodice, And I carry his child. I have lain with Beelzebub u te darkest hours. I have pledged my soul to him forever more.

The crowd pulls a half naked Geillis from the box and they crowd surf her away, writing. The judges yell to cover her and someone rips a cloth off the altar to do so.
GD: I will have the child of Satan; he will damn you all!
The Judges look at each other as they realize that GD is pregnant. They try to stop the crowd which is beyond stopping.

Claire and Jamie see this from behind a wall that is concealing them. He tells her they have to go.
Claire is a bit ambiguous about murder here. She knew GD killed Arthur, but still stuck up for her.

Jamie tells Clare they have to leave and they do. As they leave we see the crowd continue to carry Geillis to the pyre and a smiling Father Bain walks behind them all.

In the next scene Jamie and Claire are resting beside a stream. Jamie cleans her cuts as Claire trembles and winces.


Jamie says the cuts are not bad, he thinks she won’t be marked. He sits down at her side but faces her.

Jamie: I know there are things you dinna wish to tell me but I have one thing to ask ye. Honesty. When you do tell me something let it be the truth and I promise you the same.
She agrees, earnestly, tearfully.
Jamie: Now there’s one thing I must ask ye for your own safety as well as mine are you a witch?
Claire: Are you serious?!
Jamie: I’ve often seen that scar on your arm and thought nothing of it until I saw the same on Geillis Duncan’s today she called it the Devils Mark.

CF: I’m not a witch, but after you hear the truth you’ll think otherwise:

I’ve never had smallpox. I can walk through a room of dying men and never catch it I can nurse the sick but the sickness cannot touch me. This mark is called a vaccine and you’ve never heard of it no one here has. But it prevents me from contracting the disease I know about Jack Randall because I was told about him I know the day he was born I know the day he will die and I know he works for the do Cassandra and because my husband told me about it I know about the Bonnie Prince and the Jacobites and they’re doomed cause. I know what’s going to happen to the Scots. I know all of this because I’m from the future.

Jamie looks shocked and amazed.

CF continues: I was born on October 20 and the year 1918 — that’s 200 years from now. Jamie doesn’t react,
CF: Do you hear me? Jamie looks away.
CF: Do you hear me ?
JF: I hear you.
CF: You think I’m raving mad don’t you?

Jamie says No. He gives her that wise ass, comical look and it somehow diffuses things. He smiles and starts to stand: No, I believe you Sassenach.
So, I dinna under understand it a bit, not yet, but I trust what is in your word, your heart. And I trust there is a truth between us.

So, Whatever you tell me I believe. He sits down next to her again they hold hands on her knee. He asks her to tell him more.
She starts: I was a combat nurse in the British Army…skipping ahead through the tale – before we left the church she said to me, “1968”

But then it continues as a voiceover:
I told him everything. The whole story came pouring out of me like a cataract of water over a broken dam.

Breaking though the voiceover Jamie: Tell me again about the , uh, the stones.

I didn’t realize how badly I needed to tell someone, anyone until that moment.

Breaking through: The Scots never had a chance,….Culloden,

Voiceover: But he listened.

Voiceover ends:
Jamie: So when I left you in the glade and went to meet Horrocks and you ran away you were trying to get back, back to the stones and back to your husband?

Claire: yes she admits he pushes away from the tree he was leaning on, resigned.

Jamie: And I beat you for it. He sits as if the stuffing had gone out of him. I’m so very, very sorry.

CF, Sobbing: Don’t, you couldn’t have known.

Jamie: Shh, he pulls her close and murmurs in gaelic: My little brown one, my heart,… into her hair stroking her head. Rest now, no on will harm ye, I’m here.

She looks up at him, all tears, and asks if he really believes her. Aye, I believe you Sassenach. [he makes a wry face]

Although, it might have been a good deal easier if you’d only been a witch.
He smiles – so cute, and they kiss.
Shh, Aye – he goes back to stoking and calming her.

Voiceover, Claire:

Over the next several days we rode hard. We were both determined to leave the castle and the trial far behind us; hopefully the distance would overshadow the questions that remained unanswered.
Jamie spoke repeatedly of Lallybroch detailing the life we have together the life he Joeys imagined. I tried to listen. I tried to invest in Lallybroch as my home. I tried to imagine a life for us both, but I felt adrift; anchorless in a running sea.


One night they are by the fire. Claire is asleep and Jamie is propped on his elbow looking at her, stroking her hand, her face. He kisses her and sneaks his hand up her thigh and she comes out of her half sleep, and is turned on. She moans and gasps, she says she wants him inside her, and he says he wants to watch her. In the morning she is washing at a stream with a soft smile.

Cheerfully, he comes up and asks if she’s ready to go home. She replies yes as he takes her hand and helps her up. He looks up and tells her to take a look. She has not realized they were at the stones.

It’s what you always wanted – to go home.

Yes, she swallows over a lump in her throat. He talks her hand to walk her there.

He asks if this is the place. He draws his sword and looks around. She says it is and they go to the stone. He touches it and nothing happens.

So – what did you do the last time? He puts his sword away. I really didn’t do anything, she tells him.

She starts toward the stone. I heard this buzzing sound and I just touched the stone. She goes to touch it, but he grabs her hand pulling her back to him.

He goes to kiss her but stops.
I’m sorry, lass, I stopped you. I should not have done so. He kisses her hand. I just wasn’t ready.

I know, she is crying.
Jaime: Well there’s no use in waiting, I must part with you now. That’s why we’re here.

It’s your own time n the other side of that stone. You’ve a home there, a place. The things you’re used to and And Frank.
There’s nothing for you on this side , nothing save violence and danger. Now, Go. He turns from her with a shake.

I’ll stay at the camp until dark to make sure your safe. Goodbye Sassenach.
Claire, Jamie, goodbye. She whispers and though you can tell he’s heard it, he doesn’t look back.

She sits in front of the stone looking at her rings, back at the smoke of Janie’s campfire.
She stands and steels herself, and the camera zooms in on the stone then fade to black.

We see a campfire and Jamie fallen asleep next to it.
“On your feet soldier!” It is Claire standing over him at the fire. She is smiling and crying. Take me home to Lallybroch she tells him. Tears run down Jamies cheek as they embrace.




1 Scottish National Dictionary (1700–) UNYIRDLY, adj. Also -yerdly; -yirthly, -yearthly. Sc. forms of Eng. unearthly, not belonging to this earth, supernatural, mysterious.