Outlander Episode #112: Lallybroch Recap

Episode 112: LALLYBROCH


Airdate 4/25/2015

(season 1, Episode 12)


Diana Gabaldon’s readers, including me, have certain things from the books we’re waiting to see in the show — the wedding, the spanking, and Jamie’s home, Lallybroch.

While certainly not ShangriLa in the sense that it is untroubled by any thing like say, British soldiers coming along looking to loot your home for food stuffs or rape your sister, it is Jamie’s ideal sense of home and family. As such, and to a man for whom home, family and responsibility are his very core, Lallybroch is the idea of home, the eye of the hurricane that is his life to this point.

In the last episode Claire decided not to return to the 20th century but stay with Jamie and tells him to take her home to Lallybroch. This episode starts off with that, over hills and across moors they travel with their one horse and the clothes on their backs. Claire tells Jamie about the wonders of her time, airplanes are particularly interesting to him.

They crest a hill and see Lallybroch in the distance. She tells him it is as lovely as he had said it was. Now, and throughout the episode he flashes back to the day Captain Randall came, whipped and knocked Jamie out and assaulted his sister, Jenny. Eventually we also see this from Jenny’s point of view. Jamie tells Claire that there are rumors that Randall got Jenny pregnant.
Just rumors, Claire tells him.

He is reticent on arrival, but Claire goes right up to a child in the dooryard and starts talking to him.  A visibly pregnant Jenny comes to the yard running to hug Jamie and introduces him to “wee Jamie.” Thinking this is Randall’s child (as in the book) he is appalled because it will be a constant reminder that he failed in protecting her. He then asks whose baby this is and accuses her of playing Randall’s whore. Claire tries to intervene and, not knowing who she is, calls her a trollop. He says she is his wife and she should show her respect.

Jenny proclaims Jamie a damned fool and not a day wiser after four years

This is the usual sibling stuff, compounded by the situation of their separation four years earlier through Randall’s arrest, Jamie’s double flogging and their father’s sudden passing while watching Jamie being flogged.

Ian comes into the yard with his prosthetic leg, He says the children are his. Jamie is thrilled to see him and learn that Jenny and Ian are married.

They go in to share a drink.  Jenny is still pissed off. He asks her what had happened with Randall and she tells him that after Randall cold cocks Jamie, that he made her take his hand and go up stairs.  She says she didn’t even notice where they went as she was trying to figure a way to get away.

Randall acts somewhat tenderly toward her but she doesn’t respond as he wishes, Instead she tries to knock him out with a candle stick. They fight and he throws her on the bed and tries to make himself hard.  Seeing this Jenny starts laughing at this and her strikes her. She continues laughing until he knocks her out.  When she wakes up he is gone. Not raped.

Jenny expects an aology from Jamie. When Claire says she believes he owes her one, both Jenny and Jamie take offense. Jamie privately chastises Claire, she needs to trust him. He is the laird and she the lady and they must conduct themselves thus. She says she is meek. He says he knows and compares her to Collum’s wife Letitia. Collum had to dodge plenty of crockery. Claire says he better be careful because she has a better throwing arm than Letitia.
Back at the table, Ian asks Claire where she is from.  She gives her standard response and then says but she supposes this is now her home. Jenny is surprised, learning that they mean to stay there. Isn’t there still a price on his head.  Yes, but he is waiting for a pardon through the Duke of Sandringham’s help.
Jenny says she never thought Jamie would trust the British, refering to Claire.
Claire asks for some water and the trunk of belongings sent by Mrs. Fitz from the Castle. They argue about which room to take and Jenny and Ian vacate the Laird’s room.

Up in the room, Claire washes and Jamie brings up their things. Jamie talks about his father and finds his dad’s knife in its hiding place. It is Viking of the 10th century.

Jamie says his father built this place, his blood and sweat are there and now his bones.

He talls Claire about his father finding him at Fort Williams, Randall’s offering him freedom if Jamie would allow Randall to have sex with him. But after seeing his father he couldn’t imagine what his father would think, not because he had been buggered but because he let Randall break him. When Randall flogged him, Jamie passes out and his father thought him dead, and falls. Jamie never saw it, never saw him buried, never even saw his grave. Of course, he blames himself.  Claire says she doubted that he would have been freed by Randall.

At dinner, before the men come to sit, Jenny challenges Claire about running a house. Diplomatically, Claire says she imagines she has a lot to learn but she is a quick study.

They learn quarter day is tomorrow and the tenants will be coming to pay their rents.  Claire think it is a danger to be in public like that. Jenny says none of their tenants would dream of turning Jamie in.

Jenny challenges Jamie about visiting his father’s grave. Jamie is ticked off and there is a lot of tension.

The next day they have all the tenants coming in and Jamie and Claire greet them in the yard. MAny bring gifts for Claire — a pot of jam, a bouquet.   Inside there is much talking and friendliness.  In collecting the rents, Jamie finds the people have had difficult times. He gives a lot of the money, if not all of it, back.

At the feast, McNab is beating his child, Claire stops him by introducing herself and though McNab is rude offers to watch him. She takes Robbie in to the kitchen where she and Jenny discover masses of bruises on him. Jenny takes him on.  She tells Jamie who is concerned.  The night goes on with much drinking, finally Jamie comes to bed. He is really drunk and has a hard time getting out of his clothes. Claire says she has heard quieter Elephants and he is astounded she has seen and even ridden one.

The next day he is hung over at the breakfast table. Claire brings him a hair of the dog concoction. Jenny storms in pissed off about the rents and that Jamie took on Robbie McNab. He says he is Laird and doesn’t need to consult her to run the estate

He goes to eat bread and he tells her it tastes like pebbles. She says the mill is broken and the man can’t fix it until later. He says he will deal himself.

At the mill he tries to fix it from the inside but realizes that something is stuck under the water line. He strips as Claire comes, and she says he’ll freeze to death. We find out that Jamie, anyway, only wears his shirt under his kilt. He agrees but says there will at least be decent bannocks at his funeral. He goes in.  Jenny comes down to warn them about British soldiers coming.  They quickly sit on Jamie’s kilt and swords.

As the troop of soldiers come up, Jenny says if they were looking for grain they are out of luck because the mill is broken. The leader whose father is a miller, starts to help, plans to jump in himself.  At last the wheel starts up with Jamie’s shirt coming up as if it was what was stuck in the wheel. How’d that get there, he wonders. The other soldier says It’s Scotland. The leader hands the shirt to another soldier and they ride off with it.

A frozen Jamie comes up for air at last.  Bride and St. Michael preserve us! He exclaims! He is naked, cupping himself and embarrassed to be naked in front of his sister. She starts to say  something but sees the welts and scars on his back and leaves.

Water Pepper Polygonum_hydropiper_(1832)
Water Pepper Polygonum_hydropiper_

At night Claire and Ian discover they are both night owls. He says his stump pains him, and she suggests a water pepper concoction. They look at a picture of Jenny and Ian explains that once the Frasers get their mind set on something  it hard to move them.  He says that their hearts are as big and soft as their heads are hard.  He says you have to use force to move them.

Claire goes in to their room and pulls the covers off a sleeping Jamie. She chastises him for adopting a lord of the manor, boorish attitude, and that he is wrecking the family he has left.

The next day Jamie goes to his father’s grave. (the gravestone looks rather Victorian) Jenny comes and startles him. They both apologize. She explains that she thought he was at fault for his father’s death, but then seeing his back realized that Randall wouldn’t have punished him so if she hadn’t mocked him to keep form being raped.  They each would have given much to protect the other and are on good terms.

In their room, Claire says she is beginning to feel she belongs there, He says he knew she did and that he did from the first moment he saw her. That he never wanted anything more in his life. Claire and Jamie profess their love for each other with him saying there was that long ride with her broad ass and that he fell in love with her as she wept in his arms. She says she loves him as well.  They fall into bed, and she wakes up alone. She goes out and sees below the room, on a balcony or landing, a man holding a gun on Jamie and threatening his life.

I couldn’t tell who it is. Could you?