OUTLANDER Episode 109



Original US Air Date: April 4, 2015

At last the wait is over!!



This will contain spoilers. But, before that: What did you think?
Did the episode contain what you expected it to; what you wanted and waited for?
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Sinclair_(R._R._McIan) A Scottish Lass

We start off from Jamie’s point of view. We see him skipping stones as in the first clip that was originally released for the new season. That speech and scene start halfway through the episode.

We then go to the scene where Jamie is interviewing Horrocks, the British soldier that has information about who killed the man Jamie is wanted for slaying. He learns that is Captain Jack Randall.

While Jamie is pissed, because he can not use Randall’s name to clear his own, Dougal prevents him from going after Horrocks. At that, Willie comes riding up on his horse, pulling Claire’s behind. He tells how he went for a piss and when he got back Claire was being taken.

They ride off and do a good job on the rescue scene, more or less following the book, except no one is killed. He is carrying his own gun and holds it on Randall who has a knife across Claire’s neck When he demands that Jamie put his gun down, he goes to shoot it and it fizzles.

Pulling Claire away to escape they knock Randall out and they leave his office, but are sighted on the stairs and only escape because there is an explosion.

They ride away and when the stop to gallop up Claire and Jamie fight about her having disobeyed and the place and behavior of a woman.

They continue  on to rendevous with Dougal and the rest of the men at a tavern.  It looks like the tavern where they spent their wedding nightl. The men ignore Claire because she endangered them all. The famous spanking scene ensues after which Claire is again accepted.

They enter Leoch where the clan is gathered to cheer them. Collum and Letitia, THE MacKenzie and his wife come in. Letitia and Collum do not seem especially happy. But, stiffly and formally offer their good wishes and Collum calls Claire Lady Broch-Turach. Collum and Letitia leave. Jamie is walking through the passages of the castle and Leoghaire tracks him down, tearfully asking why, blah blah, she waited for him. He says it wasn’t his plan but Dougal’s arrangement. He has to go because COllum is waiting but they agree to talk later.

In Collum’s office, Jamie, Ned and Dougal are being chastised by Collum who calls them weasels. He asks if the Clan will have to answer for the raid on Ft. William. Jamie takes on the responsibility for it.   Then he asks about the money Dougal and Ned were raising for the Jacobites.   Collum says that at least Jamie looks guilty and ashamed. He says he is not, and Dougal agrees that they just made him show his back.

Dougal and Collum get in each other’s faces about who is in charge. Collum seems a little afraid as well as angry and Dougal says he has been loyal, even to the point of insuring his bloodline (by siring Hamish). Collum tells Dougal to leave his sight, Ned also leaves promising to soothe Dougal’s ire.

Collum asks Jaime to stay and chastises him for marrying a Sassenach knowing that having done so none would support Jamie as the clan chief .

Then Claire and Jamie are in their bedchamber. They discuss the revelation of Hamish as Dougal’s biological father.
She gets in to the bed and he begins to undress. He refuses to share a bed with him.

Out for a hunt, Angus and Rupert are deviling Willy for telling Collum about the money. He says he was following his laird’s orders. Jamie comes up with Murtagh and sticks up for Willy. They chide him as to where his loyalties lie, with the clan chief or the war chief. But then they get into him not being a MacKenzie but a Frazer. Dougal comes up and actually diffuses the situation.

Murtagh and Jamie are pissing against the wall of the castle.   Murtagh urges Jamie to leave and they can go on the run, living rough so they do not have to pick a side, Collum or Dougal, the crown or the Bonnie Prince.   He says he is married and can’t just drag Claire around like that.   Murtagh says he can leave her there.   They discuss how the Jacobites are not a real threat at this point.

Jamie goes to Collum and urges him to make peace with his brother by giving him the gold he had reaised for the Jacobites using that same argument about the Prince being in Italy with the Pope. Collum can wait to see what goes down. Collum sends Jamie to get Ned and Dougal.
They all stand again in Collum’s office. Collum has his back to them as they wait and finally Dougal’s impatience makes him speak up. Collum says that one day Dougal will talk his head right off his shoulders and onto a pike.

Collum pulls up Dougal’s dirk and asks about his oath of loyalty – what his word is worth, a bag of gold. He tosses him the gold. He tells Dougal to go play at being a rebel.
Collum tells Ned to invite the Duke of Sandringham to dinner. Ned compliments his caginess. Collum tells Ned he is not forgiven and tells the three to leave.

Jamie alone at the water again. His monologue is that he should be happy.

Laoghaire comes up and says they had promised to speak. She says she remembers first seeing him at 7 years old, she’s never forgot him. He took her beating and then kissed her in the pantry. He says he is wed. She says he was gallant to save Claire but he doesn’t seem happy. Removing her cloak she is clad only in her skirt and bodice. She offers him her virginity and throws herself at him. He seems to have a hard time putting her off himself. But says he will not break his vow even for a lass as bonny as she. Rejected she runs off.

Thinking that for the first time since he was a lad he felt uncertain about his next step. All he knew was that he had to find a way forward. Jamie goes to Claire saying how Collum and Dougal mended fences and Claire is angrily brushing out her hair.

Jamie: Our lives in the highlands are steeped in tradition, custom and ritual.

Claire. So I ‘ve seen.

Jamie: And Collum chose to risk looking weak, publicly changing his position because peace was more important than custom.

I saw a rigid man bend; it made me mindful.

Claire: About what?

Jamie: Wives obey their husbands. Husbands discipline them when they don’t. That’s how it was with my father and his father, on and on and back . But maybe fore you and me it has to go a different way.

Breathing hard with emotion, he pulls his dirk and kneels before her taking the oath of fealty and swearing that he hopes if he raises a hand against her it will pierce his heart.

She stares at him with some kind of emotion.
He asks, Is that not enough Claire? Do you not want me anymore? Do you wish to live separately?

Claire: I feel that is what I should want. She leans forward and puts her hand on his heart saying, But I don’t.

He looks at her hand and says, The Key to Lallybroch – telling her that is what it was. He didn’t tell her before because he wanted to wait until he took her there so she would know it was hers as much as his. Even though it looks like they may not get back there now, it doesn’t bother him as much. You are my home now. He tells her as he strokes her cheek. Passionate rolling on the floor sexy times occur, she’s on top, he’s on top, At one point she grabs his skean dhu and tells him she will cut his heart out if he ever raises a hand to her again. He tells her they are each others’ masters because he can not possess hers without losing his own.

When he asks, she enlightens him as to the meaning of the words “fucking” and “sadist. “

Eventually they separate and he says he is going to go find some food and she finds a doll-like thing under the bad. He says it is an ill-wish explaining it is meant to bring pain, harm or death. Who would do such a thing she asks and it dawns on him, “Laoghaire.”

MY husband’s first thought after the show was that they end up having some good sex. The spanking scene was interesting.   I liked the pace of the show.  I had some trouble with a few pronunciations, cured through closed captioning.

I can’t look at the scene from a 21st century perspective. If that’s how things were at that time, I can see why Diana wrote it and Ron Moore included it.

What do you think???