THE ACCIDENTAL DRAGON, Smoke but No Fire for Me



The Accidental Dragon Cover

Accidentally Paranormal #9
by Dakota Cassidy
E-Book & Trade Paperback 304 Pages
3 Feb 2015 from Penguin/Berkley  Adult

Book provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.


Firefighter McAllister “Mick” Malone knows he has a protective streak, especially when it comes to his deceased best friend’s sister, Tessa. But after twenty-five years of verbal sparring, Mick can’t help but notice that their recent arguments have started to feel a lot like foreplay. And while Tessa knows exactly what to say to get him going, Mick is thrown for a loop when he actually starts breathing fire.

Antique-store owner Tessa Preston has loved Mick Malone since she was ten years old—not that she’d ever admit it. Fighting with Mick is the only thing keeping her from an embarrassing romantic confession, but when the sexy firefighter accidentally ingests some ancient dragon scales masquerading as powdered aspirin, Tessa finds herself handling something much hotter than long-simmering sexual tension…!__accidental-series/book-9


My Take Oblong

This is a strange book. It is supposed to be funny, but I didn’t find much that was amusing to me in its pages. It’s supposed to be steamy, and I will give it that. But, I thought it suffered from shallow world building and two dimensional characters. The whole thing felt haphazard and thrown together.

We start off with two people who become dragon shifters. But we’re never really told what they look like other than they have wings and can breathe fire.

The handy-dandy vampire is supposed to be a hard-shelled, but ooey-gooey on the inside character.  To me she just seemed rude and acerbic for no good reason.

The events are interesting, starting off with a fire in Tessa’s store caused by, they realize, her friend having breathed fire into it.  But from there the events are screwy and madcap, but at no point did I laugh.

There’s a subtext of why these two characters pining for each other cannot be together but it is built up too much for the degree to which it matters and solved by a literal deus ex machina.

Part of what feels shallow maybe that I have not read other books in the series.  Nonetheless, I remain unimpressed and probably wouldn’t pick up another of these.


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