THE BAD MISS BENNET: Lydia’s Lament!



bad_miss_bennetUnabridged Audiobook
by Jean Burnett
Narrated By Davina Porter
10 hrs and 4 mins
AudioGo Release Date:
11-01-12 (now DOWNPOUR.COM)


PEGASUS BOOKS: Publication Date 10/19/12
ISBN 9781605983721
Pages  272

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Picking up where Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice left off, The Bad Miss Bennet takes readers on a wild Regency romp with Lydia Wickham, née Bennet, who finds herself in dire need of a new husband

Lydia was never the most upstanding of the Bennet sisters, but who ever said that moral rectitude was fun?    At least she bested her elder sisters and was the first to get married.  She never could understand what all the fuss was about  after she left Brighton with her gallant.  It is a shame, though, that Mr. Wickham turned out to be a disappointing husband in so many aspects, the most notable being his early demise on the battlefields of Waterloo.  And so Lydia, still not yet twenty and full of enterprising spirit, is in urgent need of a wealthy replacement.

A lesser woman, without Lydia’s natural ability to flirt uproariously on the dance floor and cheat seamlessly at the card table, would swoon in the wake of a dashing highwayman, a corrupt banker, and even an amorous Prince Regent.  But on the hunt for a marriage that will make her rich, there’s nothing that Lydia won’t turn her hand to.  In the meantime, she has no qualms about imposing on her sister Elizabeth’s hospitality at Pemberly.  After all, what is the point of having all that fine fortune if not to aid a poor, newly widowed younger sister?

While Lydia rattles around the continent from Paris to Venice and to the home of the disgraced Princess of Wales in Italy and back again to Darbyshire, you, dear reader, will be greatly diverted by the new adventures of Jane Austen’s consummate and incorrigible anti-heroine, who never ceases to delight.


My Take Oblong


Written in the first-person as a diary, this is an amusing take on the life of Mrs. Lydia Wickham, née Bennet after Wickham dies at Waterloo.  Never a girl to be restrained by social convention, three years as the wife of the very bad man, Wickham, has not improved her morals.  In fact she’s a bit of a sociopath: willing to cheat and steal as needed to get what she perceives herself to deserve, wealth and independence.

And, yet, her sister Mrs. Darcy, wife of the extremely wealthy and uber restrained Mr. Darcy, has had just enough influence on her to give a little niggle to her conscience now and again.

I believe the author wrote this not so much after the book’s Lydia as much as the A & E TV Series version. At least I could very clearly see the character as portrayed in that program  by Julia Sawalha.  Particularly her indecorous behavior.

With some very unvarnished tales of life, and travel in the period, Burnett gives what I felt is a good idea of the cage a free-spirited young woman would find forced into the life required by the ton and at the sufferance of her morally strict brother-in-law.  And, as a widow with a speckled past, and a need for cash, her ideas of how to get ahead are neither moral nor correct at any time.

I downloaded this, because I love Jane Austen themed stories and I simply adore Davina Porter.  Without an OUTLANDER book on my i-pod I am always searching for a narrator  as amazing as she is. What I found is again her excellent reading with the voices of characters extremely similar to those from the OUTLANDER series.  But, she does a marvelous job bringing Lydia with all the joy, all the scheming and all her frustration to life.

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