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Jessica Peterson Back CoverToday, I’m thrilled to have Jessica Peterson sharing her top five, undercover lovers. Whew, is is hot in here?! The giveaway is below Jessica’s guest post. A copy of her latest book THE UNDERCOVER SCOUNDREL is the prize! The contest is open to US SHIPPING and you must be at least 18 to enter!

Here’s a bit about THE UNDERCOVER SCOUNDREL out from Berkley Penguin June 2, 2015:

In an age of stately decorum, the Hope Diamond was a source of delicious intrigue—and a font of unimaginable adventure…

Though not of noble birth, Thomas Hope has a skill in banking that’s made him one of the richest, most trusted men in London. Still, he keeps his dubious past hidden. So when an old acquaintance calls on Hope to help acquire the infamous French Blue Diamond, he’s desperate to be discreet. He never expects that his biggest concern shouldn’t be losing his reputation, but his heart…

Sophia Blaise is determined to make a brilliant match with this season’s most eligible, most titled bachelor, but her true passion has been ignited by the incredible stories she hears while secretly transcribing the memoirs of a notorious Madam. After a night of clandestine writing ends with Sophia caught up in a scandalous adventure of her own—with an alluring banker—she begins to question whether she’s suited to the proper life she’s always known…

Caught up in a thrilling exploit and unexpected romance, Sophia must make a choice between what her head knows is safe and what her heart desperately desires, before both slip from her grasp forever…


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Top Five Undercover Lovers


Hi all! My name is Jessica Peterson, and I am the author of THE UNDERCOVER SCOUNDREL. It’s the third and final book of my HOPE DIAMOND TRILOGY, a Regency-set trio of romances that I pitch as THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR meets a (very sassy!) Jane Austen. I’d like to thank Steph for having me today – so appreciate the chance to chat with readers!


I had a ton of fun writing this series; THE UNDERCOVER SCOUNDREL was no exception. Like most red-blooded women who grew up with Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond, I love a super sexy spy hero. Mr. Henry Beaton Lake, the undercover scoundrel (and hero!) who gives my book its title, was based on some of my favorite spies and seducers. In honor of Henry – a savvy spy who returns to London for the first time in more than a decade to take on his most dangerous assignment yet – I thought it would be fun to list my top five undercover lovers, many of whom inspired by own spy hero.





  1. Any and all heroes from Joanna Bourne’s novelsI recently read THE ROGUE SPY, and holy moly was it a seriously sexy read. I can’t remember the last time I loved a hero as much as I loved Thomas Paxton – “Pax” – a world-weary spy who is not only delicious but deliciously devious, too. The fact that he is a virgin only made me love him more. You wouldn’t think a virgin spy would work, but it works oh so well here.


  1. Jon Snow from GAME OF THRONESOk, ok, so he’s technically not a spy, but my man-crush Jon Snow is definitely undercover – even if he doesn’t know it. We’re led to believe he is Ned Stark’s bastard, conceived when Ned was off fighting with Robert Barathian, but this season we’re learning Jon isn’t who we thought he was – and that maybe Ned isn’t his father, after all.


  1. Ethan Hunt from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOLNever mind that GHOST PROTOCOL may very well be my favorite spy movie ever. I have it bad for Jeremy Renner (whose name you will see pop up a little further down this list), but Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt ain’t so bad, either. I love a spy who has a sense of humor. And the fact that Tom Cruise actually hung off the side of the Burj Khalifa to film those scenes just blows my mind.


  1. Julian Travers from THE SMUGGLER WORE SILK by Alyssa AlexanderOh, Heavens, how I LOVE a spy with a tortured soul and a dark secret. Julian Travers is all that, plus he’s super hot and super sweet. Alyssa writes historical romantic spy thrillers like a pro, even though SMUGGLER is her debut. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!


  1. Daniel Craig’s James BondI know, I know, it’s a cliché, it’s a lay up, it’s James Bond for God’s sake. But Daniel Craig’s intense, charismatic, lethal James Bond was a major inspiration for Henry Lake. CASINO ROYALE is my favorite so far. I adored seeing the pompous Bond brought low by love – seeing his softer side was a heady contrast to his always-capable exterior. And that scene when he’s all dressed up in his dinner jacket tuxedo thing? I mean, call the doctor, I can’t breathe.


  1. Rusty Ryan from OCEAN’S ELEVENFirst, Brad Pitt.That should be enough to justify Rusty Ryan’s position on the list. Second, Rusty is hilarious, especially when he’s undercover in costume. That’s one of the reasons why I love the OCEAN trilogy so much – the humor is spot on, and it’s just plain fun to see these super talented actors embrace these ridiculous roles. The fact that Rusty’s constantly eating crap food is just icing on the proverbial cake.


I know this is a very short (and very strange!) list, so I’m curious who you would add? Thanks again for having me, and happy reading!





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