Outlander Episode 114: Recap THE SEARCH IS ON!


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Episode 114: THE SEARCH

Airdate: May 9 , 2015

I was thinking about saying how closely I felt each episode follows the books. I would put this one as about 80% because in spirit it is pretty darn close. In the afterword from Ron Moore, he says they do add a bit to the part where Claire and Murtagh travel about looking for Jamie.  I like how in this episode the bond between Claire and Jenny solidifies and develops from when Claire helped Jenny give birth last week.

LAST WEEK: Forced to participate in a raid with the Watch, Jamie was captured by the Redcoats, and Jenny gives birth to Maggie with Claire’s help.

They add a mystical tease onto the intro sequence of a puppet show with fairies bedeviling a seated character who explodes. I thought it felt a little like Claire reaching the end of her rope. Later we see the puppeteers at one of the villages.

We open with Ian, in a sling and with no leg sitting on a sofa. Claire and Jenny are running around independently making plans. Jenny is giving the housekeeper instructions and Claire is mostly preparing herself. Ian says he must go with him. Claire tells him if she rescues Jamie it would take no time at all for the British to be back on his doorstep if he were with them.

You can see how powerless Ian feels. He finally says he will at least try his hand at drawing a map of where they were ambushed.

Claire hurries to her horse and Jenny comes up too. At first reluctant to have Jenny, who just gave birth, help her Claire realizes with Jenny’s logic, that she needs help if not divine intervention. She doesn’t know the area well enough.

They gallop off on huge horses — like Percherons.

Jenny demonstrates superb tracking skills she uses hoof marks in the grass and they see crows circling over head not far off. They find the bodies of several men over whom Jenny says quick last rites or whatever one would have said over the body of a dead man who had not received last rites.

There’s a lovely shot of a crow eating the eye of one of the dead (portents of Book 3).

Again Jenny tracks and says there is a heavy cart that will be easy to follow. Claire says it is heavy because it contains a large red headed Scot.

At some point they have to stop. Claire has to pee and Jenny milks her breasts. Jenny says she cannot leave wee Maggie too long. She tells Claire that everything to do with babies is a nuisance but that you would never choose not to have them.

They discuss Claire’s plan to bargain with the Garrison Commander at Fort Williams who she thought liked her (THE GARRISON COMMANDER. Episode 106 http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2014/09/outlander-e106-91314.html) . Jenny thinks it is a crappy plan and tells Claire who is miffed.

They creep up on the camps and are surprised to see McCrory alone in the cart and though, obviously a prisoner, talking with the soldiers. Claire asks Jenny if she thinks they killed Jamie, and Jenny asks why they would have. Claire says because he is a headstrong Frazer. Jenny replies that he is but he is not likely to have picked a fight with ten armed soldiers. A soldier is given a dispatch and goes off. Jenny and Claire move to intercept him. They tie him up and he calls them sluts and harlots. Only a slut would stop to rob a King’s man, he tells them.

Well, yes that’s completely logical.

They torture him and he still won’t give them information although he slips and says he is a messenger.

Jenny and Claire read the message that says Jamie escaped the soldiers. They wonder where he would have gone and Jenny thinks farther north and deeper into the Highlands. Claire says she needs to get something to bandage the soldier’s foot.

Jenny tells Claire they cannot leave him alive and that Claire shouldn’t judge her for it. She says There’s no room for sentiment like that here.

As they speak we flash to the soldier jerking spasmodically and then see that Murtagh has come along and slit his throat.

He tells them to make camp and he’ll find some supper. As Jenny carries some bedding to the camp she sees Claire and tells her love forces you to choose. You do things you never imagined you could do before.

Claire tells her she wasn’t judging her – but that she knew if Murtagh hadn’t shown up she’d have done it herself. They make camp and are sitting by a fire talking. Murtagh comes up with a dead bird. Ian sent him to them. He tries to hand them each the bird but they just look at him. He does a Jeesh! Do I have to do everything? Look

Jenny gives Claire the rents from quarter day and Ian’s knife.
Claire knows that Jenny has to return to Lallybroch, but she feels the need to be the prophet. She tells Jenny to plant a lot of potatoes. Jenny says they aren’t grown in the highlands. Claire tells her famine and war are approaching and that potatoes keep better.

Jenny says that Jamie had told her Claire might tell her things and that she should listen. They seem to have developed a strong bond and Jenny leaves after telling her that she is able to leave because she knows Claire will do whatever it takes to bring her brother home.

Claire and Murtagh come up with a scheme to attract Jamie’s attention. All around the Highland’s Claire doctors, and Murtagh dances badly, and to no great appreciation of the crowds. Claire starts to sing a Scottish song to the tune of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

They attract the attention of some Gypsies who copy their bit. They pay them off to stop. Murtagh tells Claire that was stupid, for gypsies never keep their word. As much as I hate to engage in the popular stereotyping, Claire learns the hard way that the gypsies in the storyline do not anyway. But they do bring them a message to meet Dougal at Glen Rowan’s Cross. They rider there with haste thinking they’ll find Jamie, but instead find Dougal in a smugglers snug. This is right out of the book. Dougal tells her that Jamie was taken on his way to hear one of her, or the gypsies’ acts. He was convicted and sentenced to hang and may already have been.

He says he can only protect her if she marries him. He says it is the only way to protect Lallybroch which she would have inherited and which Jack Randall will try to confiscate. She realizes he wants to control Lallybroch.

She asks how many he has with him and will they fight. He says it’s a suicide mission but she comes back with Jamie rescuing her from there with a handful of men and calls him chicken.. She says she has to do what she can and to gain his compliance, if she cannot save Jamie will marry him. He allows her to try to convince the men to help.

By the river or other body of running water, of which there are apparently many as they are almost always stopped near one, Claire gives a speech about how Jamie would fight to save any one of them. Rupert MacKenzie and Angus Mohr as well as young Willie (Colllum’s spy during the rent collecting party) . Everyone refuses except Willie who has always been good to and protected Willie (especially after the rent collecting party).

The other men then join up and the party gallops off. They crest ahill as they stop and see Fort Williams in the distance.

Fort Williams, by the way, is an actual place in the western Scottish Highlands between Loch Eil and Loch Linhe. I posted about it last year because I was curious about which OUTLANDER places were real: It’s A History Thing: Outlander Places



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