A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S ROMP: ONE Big Mistake But No Disaster!

A Midsummer Night’s Romp



A Matchmaker in Wonderland Romance #2
AKA: Ainsley Brothers #2
Katie Macalister
E-book & Mass Market Paperback
ISBN 9780451471383 | 352 Pages
Penguin/Signet 5 May 2015

E-Galley provided by publisher for review and paperback for promotional purposes. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


From the New York Times bestselling author of The Importance of Being Alice comes the second Matchmaker in Wonderland romance, where finding love means falling head over heels…

Lorina Liddel is terrified of embarrassing herself on national TV as the face of Dig Britain!, a new archeological reality show. Lorina would much rather keep her head down and her hands in the dirt underneath Ainslie Castle, but her on-screen partner is proving to be a major distraction.

Brother to the castle’s current lord, privileged, perfectly sculpted Gunner Ainslie is a sure bet to keep viewers glued to their screens. Lorina intends to keep the ladies’ man focused on the job at hand, but Gunner is confident he’ll soon have the beauty falling into his bed.

When an unexpected find turns the academic dig into an all-out treasure hunt, Lorina and Gunner get swept up in the excitement. But when their steamy tryst is caught on camera, it’ll take more than an award-winning performance to get them out of the hole they’re in…  http://www.penguin.com/book/a-midsummer-nights-romp-by-katie-macalister/9780451471383


My Take Oblong


A couple of  mainstream-published authors I know have said that the publishing houses rarely fact-check or do much continuity editing. This would account for the several major errors I have found in mainstream published books.  I speak of major errors: when a plot hinges on something and it changes (like a murder is solved by someone seeing something, but that thing could not exist at that time), when a term is misused over and over or, as in this book, when the wrong term is applied by characters who are supposed to be experts.

In this case one archaeologist is explaining the personality of another archaeologist on a dig, to the main character and often first person narrator, Lorina.  This appears in my galley and in the finished copy.

“He’s the salt of the earth and a damned good archaeologist. Just don’t get him going on about the stone age or hells spend all day teaching you how to map flints.”

“Map, like draw?”

“No, in this case it means to chip away at a flint until you have a pointed end that cab be used as a tool or weapon. ”
Katie MacAlister A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S ROMP pp. 25-26


Eeep! flints are not MAPPED they are KNAPPED.  If this were a simple typo, well, that’s sloppy but herein it is a compounded error because when Lorina asks a clarifying question the arhaeologist digs herself deeper.

Why does this error make a difference? Short answer: It affected my experience of the book, and if I hadn’t known this was an error, it would have perpetuated false information to me.

The longer answer is because I had to stop reading to check my elementary knowledge of the profession against the book. I had to search the term and then dig several layers of results to see if there is any reference, any at all, to flints being mapped. I got a lot about the city of Flint, MI, but nothing about stone age tools.  Also, the expert’s creds are downgraded and so are those of the authors and publishing house.

I had to check my finished copy, and I had to check with the publisher, maybe it was a red herring (it was not)?

I could make a big error too, but, no one pays me for this stuff. Especially not the $7.99 list for the paperback of this book.  I am writing this before the book is released so it is possible the digital edition is changed.

Otherwise, the story and characters are unusual. I liked Gunner’s sharp wit and Lorina’s guilty conscience (although I thought she was unnecessarily guilty). I liked the banter between them as sexual tension builds, is dispersed and rebuilt. I thought Lorina’s lack of appreciation for her own physical assets is very sympathetic to how most of us are about our bodies.  And, usually men like us a little healthier than a starved waif. Gunner certainly does.  The plot is a little far-fetched and some very strange medical treatment is suggested.

I even enjoyed the crazy antics of Gunner’s teenaged daughter Cressy who just about bounces off walls!

I  have had issues with some of Katie’s paranormal romances in recent years.  This is a little less off the wall.  There are some instances of wild places for romantic interludes; places I would not EVER have sex, but I’ve never been in that situation so who knows.

There is a Puckish director, a wise and fey grannie,  and two ne’er do well characters but while a few characters act like asses no one gets turned into one. Maybe there’s a little to do with the the play the book’s title is a riff on, but it is very little. It is not a Shakespearian mash-up.

I found myself a little distracted by the mistake at the beginning of the story which I felt was pretty big, but perhaps, forewarned you won’t be. I enjoyed the rest of the book, which moves very fast.


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If you need an idea here are a couple of suggestions:

  • If you wanted to do archaeology where and what period would you go for? (ex., English Castles, Peat bogs for Celtic artifacts, pre-Columbians, Egyptian Dynasties, Greek and Roman, European Medieval)
  • There’s a little lust at first sight here, do you believe in lust OR love at first sight?
  • How do you feel about factual errors in books?

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