Sunday Post: The Crab In Question

Today, I am again taking part in  THE SUNDAY POST from The Caffeinated Reviewer. I look forward to it each week! I hope you’ll check out THE CAFFEINATED REVIEWER‘s link up and maybe, after hanging out with me, you’ll cruise around and find some other great blogs.

Kimba The Sunday Post

A few weeks ago I spoke about a crab tree in our landscaping that had been damaged.  But it went into what is possibly its last bloom cycle last week and it was spectacular! That tree is the floral display in the header at the top of the post.

This week I had some girlfriends over for lunch and made a Salmon Niçoise.  A Niçoise usually has tuna, green beans, potatoes and such with a lovely vinaigrette.  I used fresh, wild salmon, asparagus, snap peas, potatoes, hard boiled egg, smoked Gouda, watercress, frisée, and red leaf lettuce.  I made a Dijon & dill  vinaigrette to go  with it. It was a refreshing change from regular a Niçoise. For dessert we had a key lime sorbet and gluten free gingersnaps. I wish I had taken a picture because it was all so pretty.

Otherwise I worked in the yard and got in a ton of my dahlias.  I had planned to buy new ones this year but just didn’t get to it.


I got a couple of books this week Mary Balogh, ONLY A PROMISE and ENCHANTED AUGUST (Audio CDs) I will be reviewing ENCHANTED AUGUST on June 11 and having a giveaway for those CDs.




This past week I looked at several books and had Jessica Peterson with a guest Post and Giveaway for THE UNDERCOVER SCOUNDREL. You can still enter the giveaway!

Friday: THE UNLIKELY LADY: Blue Stockings & Rakes Who Aren’t

Thursday: THE DUKE IN MY BED: A Family Affair

Wednesday: Jessica Peterson’s Undercover Lovers: With Giveaway!

Tuesday: PURE FOOD: What’s for Dinner?

Monday: Kylie Scott’s PLAY: Puck with a Beat

Sunday: The Sunday Post – Because I’m All About My Yard

I didn’t create any new icons but these are my graphics.  I was especially happy with last Sunday’s banner.


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Coming Up:

This Week and the Following Week

Monday, June 1: Outlander 116 Season 1 Finale Recap and Commentary

Tuesday, June 2: May Book Tally

Wednesday, June 3: AFFLICTION: Colorado, Mountains, but No High (Audio)

Thursday, June 4: THE PEACH KEEPER Vintage Fantasy and Culture (Audio)

Friday, June 5: through Monday (June 8): Vacation no Posts! Limited access to email and internet.

Tuesday, June 9: A Desperate Fortune: The Accidental Adventuress

Wednesday, June 10: Lead (Follow, or….) Stage Dive 3, by Kylie Scott (audio)

Thursday, June 11:  Adaptation: ENCHANTED AUGUST (Audio, Giveaway)

Friday, June 12: Garret: Happy, Sad, Sexy (audio)

Saturday is my day off, but I will be back with my Sunday post on June 14.

Just “Around:”

Here are some fun things I saw online the past few days:

Delilah S. Dawson linked to this Cartoon on Facebook and it is so complete!: a non-guide to avoid awkwardness when greeting human beings by Sarah Glidden

Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup posted: Rock the Blog– My Top 13 Tips for Bloggers
Anna asks what your tip is for bloggers?  I would love to know too!