Outlander Episode 113: Now WATCH Carefully:


Original Airdate May 2, 2015



At the end of the last episode men were holding guns on Jamie and when Claire comes out from their room they threaten to blow his head off. He tells the Watch that he hopes his powder dry because if he hasn’t he is going to shove that gun down his throat.

A more pregnant Jenny tells him to put their guns down, the man they have is her cousin Jamie McTavish. The leader of “The Watch” Talin McCrory thought he was a robber.
If you haven’t read the books or watched the show, “The Watch” is a gang that takes protection money and robs people in return for protection. We have similar gang-style protection rackets still, but they do not wear kilts.

Ian comes in and says they were not expecting to see them for a while. Talin makes some excuse. The leader is not bad but he has a couple (at least) of other men with him who could use toothbrushes

Talin says they had come in for one of Jenny’s delicious stews. Jenny goes to prepare supper.


Scene Change – Kitchen

Jamie and Ian follow her to the kitchen and they argue about the watch and the price on his head.   In the course of their discussion Jamie is once again reminded that Jenny and Ian have been handling things while he was away.
Suddenly Jenny gets an abdominal pain. Claire goes to help but Jenny says it was just a big kick.

Claire tells Jamie he should listen to Jenny.

Scene Change- – Dinner

At dinner, the men of The Watch, Jenny, Ian and Claire are eating and drinking. They ask where Jamie is from and he says one of the islands. When McCrory says he doesn’t have that accent Claire pipes in that he was in France as a soldier with Ian. McCrory says he never heard Ian talk about him. Jenny says they were too drunk to remember.

They laugh over similar experiences, and Claire asks how long they are staying to which he responds a few days; they have a man arriving tomorrow.

One of their horses in lame and Jamie offers to look at it. Jenny sends them to a cottage to sleep.

I am interested in this room.  I cannot tell if the walls are covered with tapestry or wall paper.  If it is wallpaper it is about 40 years early even for a large city.


Scene Change – courtyard, next day


Jamie is looking after a lame horse, and notices that the men have started in on Ian’s good tobacco. He makes a disparaging comment and the guy sets a wagon of hay on fire. They laugh as the Lallybroch men rush to put it out.

They all end up fighting and the leader comes along and sees Jamie fight with several assholes  of his men and orders all of them to stand down. He says he could use a man like Jamie.

The man coming to join up with the watch turns out to be Horrocks. He recognizes Jamie, but takes his cue and doesn’t let on, he thinks. Of course the canny leader, McCrory knows they do know each other.

Scene Change – Jamie and Claire, their room


In their room, Jamie is saying he thought Lallybroch would be safe but now he can see he shouldn’t have come back. Claire tells him that whatever happens, they will face it together, what ever the cost.
Later Jamie comes across the Watch and Horrocks using Horrock’s intel to plan an ambush on the Chisholms.


Scene Change — Courtyard and Bed Chamber


Next the women are doing laundry and discussing sewing and mending. Claire says she is probably better at stitching wounds than clothes. Little Jamie is bad, and Jenny orders one of the servants to take him. Jenny says it would be ice to do chores without a child underfoot. She believes she is carrying a boy because she had no morning sickness, craves salt and is carrying low.

They continue the kind of conversation shared by women doing chores. Suddenly Jenny doubles over in pain and her water breaks. They get her up to her and Ian’s room, but Claire realizes the baby is breech and they try to turn it but it doesn’t work.

She says he’s a Frazer and will land on his feet.

Jenny doesn’t want Claire to tell Ian about the problem with the baby.
Scene Change – In the study, Jamie and Horrocks

Jamie finds Horrocks going through parts of the house, and they discuss how Jamie is the Laird of Lallybroch. He wants money to go to the new world and set up a business in Boston.  If Jamie gives him money he’ll not be seeing his face again.


Scene Change – In Birthing Chamber

Up in the birthing chamber, Jenny is walking and says the baby dropped. She is wearing a transparent shift and when she leans over with a light behind we see a beautiful silhouette of her pregnant body.

Claire asks Jenny about what pregnancy is like. Jenny says it’s not a drop in the heather. In the early days it’s like having gas, and later it can be like a tug of a fish on the line. Sometimes they kick too much but then, when they sleep you fear they are dead. Later it’s like when your man comes inside.

Sometimes what they (men) want is to get back to the womb.

Claire and Jenny learn the local midwife has been called away. Yikes! Jenny realizes she is going to have to depend on Claire, the breadth of whose skills she doesn’t understand.  Claire says it is possible to deliver a breech but she will have to pull him out.  Jenny says she’ll need a dram then.  Claire says the baby will likely be drunk too.  “Then he’ll come into the world a true Scot,” Jenny replies. (I believe this happened in this scene but it may have been one birthing chamber scene back or forward)


Scene Change – The Courtyard

Outside Jamie and Ian are arguing about the Watch and Ian says he likes McCrory because he doesn’t look at him with pity. And they keep the British away. Ian says what happened with Captain Reynolds and Jenny will not happen again.

Jamie tells Ian about Horrocks and Ian tells him there’s some money hidden that their father told them about. They argue but then Jamie is upstairs telling Claire about it.

He feels he let her down because that money was supposed to be for their He want. She says she is the one who let him down – she doesn’t think she can get pregnant. He is quiet as he processes it but then soothes her saying there is too much pain and danger anyway.


Scene Change — Meeting with Horrocks

Jamie is walking down a road he tucks a loaded pistol in to the back of his pants. Horrocks meets with Jamie on a road near Lallybroch. Jamie has a purse of coins, but then, like any blackmailer, he says he wants more.

Jamie tells him he is drunk, and Horrocks claims he can’t get drunk because he is Irish. As the conflict escalates, Horrocks pulls out his gun as Jamie goes for his. Suddenly a sword goes through Horrocks from the back and sticks out of his chest. He drops like a sack of potatoes.

Ian says why he had to kill him; trying to convince himself. He trembles and goes to put his sword away with. Jamie has to remind him to wipe the blood off first.

Jamie asks if Ian remembers when they used to argue whether killing or fornicating was the bigger sin. They worried about going to hell. Ian says that if Jamie goes to hell Ian will have to go along because Jamie couldn’t manage alone.


Scene Change – Jenny in labor

Jenny screams through a contraction. She asks Claire to put her ring away as her fingers are swollen and Claire finds the snake that Willie carved for Jaime which we see throughout the book series.
It is carved with “Sawny ,:” a play on Alexander which is what Willie called Jamie.   Jenny says she knows Willie would want Jamie to have it. Willie is buried in the family cemetery next to their mother who died two years after she did in childbirth.
Worried because of this difficult labor, Jenny asks Claire to give it to Jamie. Claire tells her to give it to him herself.
Scene Change – The Watch in the Parlour

The watch is in the parlour drinking. As Jenny screams the men yell for her to be quiet and as Ian and Jamie comes in Ian goess up the stairs.

The guy who set the hay on fire drops some coins on the table saying they had used too much hay and were paying extra for it.

McCrory asks about Horrocks and Jamie says they haven’t seen him since supper. But he is sure he’ll turn up before tomorrow. McCrory shrewdly assesses Jamie, and we can see he doesn’t buy it.


Scene Change: Breakfast

At breakfast the next day, they say how strange it is that Horrocks hasn’t come back. His horse and things are still there. The upshot is that McCrory knows. He wants to know why Jamie killed him and Jamie tells him there is a price on his head. He threatened both him and his family. McCrory says Good! He never like him anyway.

Then McCrory threatens to kill everyone if he doesn’t ride with him on the raid Jamie says he will just this once and Ian says he will go as well.


Scene Change – Goodbye scene in the birthing chamber

Ian and Jamie are upstairs bidding Claire and Jenny goodbye. Jenny tells Ian to haste ye back to meet your son. Claire tells Jamie to watch his back as she doesn’t trust McCrory.

Claire gives Jamie the little snake carving and he is visibly moved by the memory of his brother.   Claire tells him he better come back or she will find him and drag him back by his thick red hair.   They kiss passionately and nod in affirmation of their feelings.



Scene Change — On the road, in the rain, with the watch. (or Manly Men, Men, Men)

McCrory says it is good to be on the road in the pissing rain. They talk about why he does this. He says he is a fighter and that money taken is sweeter than that earned. He shows Jamie a watch he has shaped like a skull (My feelings: I thought this was a tacky, Grateful Dead, pewter figurine, nerdy poseur distraction)

Good being on the road in the pissing arain \

McCrory tells Jamie he would not turn him over to the British.

One of the men says the bridge is just ahead.


Scene Change_ Lallybroch, Jenny and the Labour Party

At Lallybroch, Jenny is deep in labor. She begs Claire to look after Ian; Claire tells her she’ll have to look after him herself but in the end promises.
Jenny crouches over some hay and pushes, then the kneels and Claire goes to her back end and reaches to pull the baby out.


Scene Change — The Bridge, The Watch and the Redcoats

At the bridge, Jamie’s sixth fighter sense tells him a minute too late they have been ambushed by the British. There are shots and the smoke of spent powder clouds the air.

Scene Change_ Lallybroch, Jenny and the Labour Party
Back at Llaybroch the baby is born. Jenny is delivered of a bonny little lass who landed on feet. Claire presents her to Jenny.
They smile in sisterly affection.


Scene Change – Lallybroch, Three days later:

At Lallybroch, life is going on with the men working in the courtyard and the mill’s wheel turning. Claire comes out on the step with the baby. Her voiceover says it has been three days with no sign of the men. Jenny comes out and tells Claire that she named the baby Margaret Ellen Murray, her grandmother’s name. Claire says, “Maggie, it suits her. Wee Jamie favors Ian but she has the Fraser eyes.
The servant takes the baby. Jenny says Claire will hold her own baby; says for four years she looked down the road waiting for Jamie to come home, and he would.

Jenny gives Claire the bracelets her mother was given as a wedding gift from an admirer. They belong to the Lady of Lallybroch. She would never reveal who had given them to her. They are bone or ivory bangles with silver end caps. They admire the bangles on Claire’s arm.

Suddenly the dog barks. Jenny and Claire rise and go to the gate of the yard. We see Ian being helped down the road by one of the watch he lost horse and leg

Claire asks where Jamie is. Ian and the Watch man recount the ambush. The rest of the watch was killed, McCrory was wounded and Jamie wouldn’t leave him. Claire demands to know where Jamie is.
Ian reluctantly tells her they have him, the Redcoats have him


Stricken, Claire looks off down the empty road.