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In my opinion we can never celebrate the power of women enough, so I jumped to enter the giveaway hop hosted by Anna at HERDING CATS AND BURNING SOUP. After visiting here head over to the hop to check out the many blogs participating at the bottom of this page!

Over the past few years, one of my favorite heroines has been Kim Harrison’s Cincinnatian, Rachel Morgan.  Because I’m giving away the newly released paperback copy of the final book in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Series, THE WITCH WITH NO NAME. The text of this review originally appeared September 8, 2014 WITCH WITH NO NAME.  I am excerpting from it today.

In this series, Rachel, a part demon, part witch character is pretty much the scapegoat for everything bad that happens in Harrison’s post biological apocalypse series.  Rachel is self-sacrificing, non-self-aggrandizing person who fights with everything she is and with every tool at her disposal.  She champions everyone and is punished for her every good deed.

As I read this final story, where Rachel finally is able to show that she is not at fault for every problem in her world, I was thinking how “every woman” this part-demon witch is. I loved how much like “one of us” she is — worrying about her frizzy hair, but also how she has stellar qualities: She loyal to the end, is accepting, and is even a source of redemption. Her developing relationship with Trent Kalamack is a big example of her redemptive abilities and also how she can forgive: He starts out as being a really bad guy but then she realizes his motivation and experiences excuse some, but not all, of it.  She falls for the good in him and recognizes everyone has some dark. If you have been in a long term relationship you know the light and dark in your partner.

Anyone who has ever been the scapegoat or treated unfairly (pretty much everyone) can identify with this woman of power and humility. She has always been a kickass heroine, unselfish and brave; unfortunately the ass she has kicked has often been her own.

I think EVERY WOMAN is a heroine in someway or another. When Rachel starts out, she is not the most special, most gifted or most anything witch.  As the series progresses she discovers all these abilities within herself; like all women she adapts.

I loved this book and was on the edge of my seat with each chapter.  Nobody sets up repeating climaxes followed by roller-coaster-like drops like Kim Harrison.  And, there is nothing like the friendship and partnership between Jenks, Rachel and Ivy. And that’s what I am going to miss the most, as well as the romantic elements, and the romantic tension.

I have certain characters stuck in my head who look like particular people: Al, the demon who becomes Rachel’s teacher, is always Al Pacino, dressed in his best London mod. And Newt is the sea witch from Disney’s Little Mermaid with a slightly more human mien. Ivy is a cross between Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels, and Famke Jansen. Trent has never become anyone for me – but Aaron Eckheart could be a candidate. Rachel, well she is the woman on all the book covers. I think I see Jenks as Peter Pan.   Rachel’s mom became Susan Sarandon in this last book.

The series is a must read and you will not want to miss this final volume, especially with this new, paperback edition. The quality of the writing throughout is high.  Kim Harrison’s powers of description are stunning.  It doesn’t have too much intimacy, and what is there is not at all gratuitous; the story certainly never depends on sex to make the book interesting.  I wouldn’t want to miss anything in THE WITCH WITH NO NAME; I just wanted it not to be the last one.  AND NOW IT IS AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK.


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