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Kimba The Sunday Post

We spent most of the week in NYC where we were visiting my mother in spinal rehab.

Big Surprise, our fight from Newark home was delayed.  I do not think I have ever had a flight home to Portland get back on time.   Plus, I had eaten something at lunch that made me ill.  We had to have our driver stop on the way out of the city.

New York was, very, very hot Monday and Tuesday.  It definitely takes a toll.  It also seems, anytime I go to Manhattan, I stay on the opposite side of anywhere I need to be. Fortunately we were staying at my sister’s apartment so at least had the chance to save money there.
We had gotten some very bad news before we left for our trip that a friend had passed away, so that was always a sad thought throughout the week.

But we were very happy to see that my mother was doing so much better after her surgery at NYU Langone Medical center.
She was in the Rusk Rehab facility and that is one awesome facility.  They have all kinds of things to do between treatments. One day we were there they had a herbal cuticle cream and bath salt creating session we also attended. We met some lovely people.  Since mom had all kinds of appointments we couldn’t be with her all day and that left us time to actually enjoy NY.

We also went to the new Whitney museum, but it was very crowded. Then we walked on the “Highline” ( mentioned in AFTERNOON DELIGHT by Anne Calhoun (review). I love it when my reading life meets up with my real life.  We went to Chelsea Market where we lunched on Japanese insired Mexican at Takumi Tacos – fresh and delicious!  That night we had dinner at Felidia, a restaurant owned by Lydia Bastianich which makes gluten free fresh pasta.  I had the same thing as the last time I was there, papardelle in a duck ragout.  It is the most delicious thing I have eaten in my entire life. They kept bringing us other free dishes and they refilled my wineglass a bit too. By the time we were done they had to roll me out of the restaurant. Doggie bags are a good thing!  We also stopped at the Birchbox store which was a little disappointing.

The next day my husband had some business phone calls so I went to meet Jennifer Bernard, a fabulous writer friend, at a Thai place, Ngam on Third Avenue in the East Village, that does a lot of gluten free.  I had read about it on Legal Nomads.   Then I walked a little over a mile to the hospital to meet up with hubby and we hung out with my mom before heading to Pala for gluten free pizza.  We walked back to the apartment much as we had the last time we ate there; hoping to find some gelato. Alas, we did not find any so we had popsicles instead!

Wednesday, after walking around Greenwich Village and a lunch at Senza Gluten we went to see mom. We also popped into the beautiful high end lingerie shop of Kiki De Montparnasse where we ran into another person from Maine. It seems half the people in NYC are from Maine!  This shp sold beautiful lingerie but I refuse to spend $300 on a pair of panties. I came close to buying a nightie on sale there though.  I did find a dress for an upcoming wedding at Nicole Miller but it was HUGELY marked down.

Then, we went to the RWA Literacy Signing in Times Square.  RWA organizers: Why would you put a conference in Times Square at the height of the tourist season? I was so lucky my husband was with me because if I hadn’t been agoraphobic before I would be now if he had not been with me.

Inside the Marriott it was much cooler and WELL ORGANIZED.  It is the best organized book event I have ever attended. In a couple of my pics I look fairly crazy.  It was really more people than I can handle and I was contorted in some strange ways!  And, I got to see Rebekkah Weatherspoon, who I met in Los Angeles and whose novella FIT  was the winner of RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Erotic Romance Novella 2014 (her website .
Here’s what I brought back — I will do a giveaway of some of the swag soon:


Then my husband took me to a Dim Sum place he loved. It was very strange and retro. The food was great but I thought it was a little dirty,… okay, filthy.

Thursday, we went to see mom with a tearful goodbye on both sides, shopped in Chinatown for some lanterns, packed up and left early for our flight. We need not have left early – it was delayed several hours.

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While you have to love Manhattan for the sheer variety of stuff available, food, museums, and people watching, the heat, the crowds and the basic brusqueness of people on the street take me It’s always great to get home!

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