Wolf Bride: Terror, Treachery, Tudors & Tupping (Audio)

Wolf Bride



Wolf Bride CoverBook 1 in the Lust In The Tudor Court series

by Elizabeth Moss

Narrated by Charlotte Anne Dore

Tantor Audio:  June 16, 2015 | Running time 11 hrs

Audio files provided by Tantor Audio for review.  No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.

WOLF BRIDE is a Tudor Court romance set during the last fateful months of Anne Boleyn’s reign and bursting with seduction, passion, jealousy and love.

When Eloise Tyrell is told by her father she is to give up her post as one of ill-fated Queen Anne’s maids of honour and marry the cold, mysterious Lord Wolf, she is horrified. But she soon learns that there is more to her new adventurous husband than first seems – and he ignites a passion in her that she has never before experienced…


England, 1536. Lord Wolf, hardened soldier and expert lover, has come to King Henry VIII’s court to claim his new bride: a girl who has intrigued him since he first saw her riding across the Yorkshire moors.

Eloise Tyrell, now lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn, has other ideas. She has no desire to submit to a man she barely knows and who—though she is loath to admit it—frightens her more than a little. Then comes that first kiss. It awakens in both a fierce desire that bares them to the soul. But as the court erupts into scandal around the ill-fated Queen, Eloise sees firsthand what happens when powerful men tire of their wives. Dare she surrender her body and her heart?



My Take Oblong


How do you trust anyone, even your spouse when trusting could get you killed?  That is the overwhelming lesson one young woman has to learn at the treacherous court of Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn.

I didn’t really find anything surprising in this story of love, lust and longing, terror and treachery in the Tudor court of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.  I found the two main characters interesting, a little bit out of the ordinary and certainly the writer knows how to write up some  sheet burning that might have made me blush had I been on speakers rather than headphones.  The inclusion of a brief power exchange feels a little contrived.

I thought the way Eloise comes to grips with the reality of her arranged marriage to a stern man several years, and many experiences,  older than she is was truly well-done.  Women were brought up to see themselves as chattel. While there is a smidgen of rebellious thought in Eloise’s mind, she sees that many arranged marriages worked out well and believes fulfilling her duty to provide an heir will gain her the independence she believes she will desire.

Three things waste a lot of time for the couple: The razor’s edge of life at the Tudor court with the whole Boleyn scandal, misplaced jealousy, and poor communication skills.

The folly of the Tudor court; the double standard, intrigue, and Henry’s desire for a viable heir do not present Henry in a good light.

I felt the author had a split purpose: one was the arranged marriage and the other the political intrigue. The two themes seemed to vie for position — The relationship is very hot, but there’s less of the relationship development and too much intrigue.

Again, I don’t recall that anything bothered me too much in the recording.  For me an audiobook needs either a stellar narrator who can do all the parts deftly, or one I don’t notice all that much.

All in all, though I enjoyed the book, but I’m not overly keen to rush on to the next volume in the series.


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