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Kimba The Sunday Post

The front porch from hell is almost done.  I have been amazed at how many coats of paint the railing is taking, but, except for a few spots the painting is almost complete and I have begun removing the miscellaneous bits that have accumulated on the porch. I say it is ddone, but next year we plan to have screens made to make it less buggy and therefore usable in the summer.

We started this project a couple of summers ago, but then cut my hand so I had to wait until the next year to get all the porch dismantled and then we had to order new floor boards, which took for ever to come in and possible twice that to install.
In between that and getting the railing up it was winter.

In between it all I still have acres to mow and weed and had yards of mulch to move.  We have gotten to our favorite beach ONE TIME this summer.

Since I have another project to do, and since the DH was away for the week, I have been focusing on that painting and not the other kind. Lots of audio books and not so much reading.

We also met our new first year student we host from the  local liberal arts college. She is so cute. Was I ever that young? Sigh.

Here’s what happened on my blog this past week. 

Last Week!

Monday:  Solheim tackles the legalities in SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY –GIVEAWAY OPEN THROUGH SUNDAY August 30 (Today! )

This one involved vineyards, cheerleaders and sexual harassment.  Sleeping With the Enemy Banner

Tuesday: The Best Friend’s Sister Trope with a Twist in SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS
Internet security, hacking and NYC figure into this story. Hence the keyboard background to the NYC skyline.

Wednesday: Is Willig’s Spy Garden Complete? THE LURE OF THE MOONFLOWER
International spies during the Napoleonic wars were assigned flower names the way MI5 gives out numbers. Instead of 007 we get The Moonflower and the Pink Carnation.

Thursday: Tiffany Reisz’s THE VIRGIN Kingsly & Nora Tell Stories
Haitian beaches and Augustinian nuns feature in this one. Nora explores her bisexuality and well, Kingsley explores everything.

The_Virgin_Tiffany Reisz_Banner

Final Lap by Erin McCarthy – Twin Turbo Action!
A Wedding bouquet and NASCAR!

FINAL LAP banner



What’s Coming Up!

MONDAY Giveaway! KITTY SAVES THE WORLD A Pan-theistic Series’ Ender

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Wednesday: SWEET AS SIN: Do All Rock Star Characters have to be a Mess? –

Thursday: The Taming of the Billionaire

Friday: Burton’s ALL WOUND UP: Helicopter Parenting of Adult Children


When I wasn’t working on the porch I was trying to update my blog theme as required by the little notice my theme company stuck to the top of everything. But alas, as has happened many times with my theme provider I was told it was not their problem but mine or the host. That’s where all my free time went.

My theme provider finally admitted it was not my blog, nor the server, preventing my theme update from working even though the process seemed to go through.  No, they had not actually deployed the new theme, so it kept reloading the version I was using. Sadly, I will never get back those hours of my life I spent trying to figure it out.