THE SUNDAY POST: I am a Little Dusty

Today, I am again taking part in  THE SUNDAY POST from The Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with new, and old  readers, and other bloggers! After you hang out here a while, I hope you’ll check out THE CAFFEINATED REVIEWER ‘s link up.

Kimba The Sunday Post

I have been working on making the composite columns we put in on the porch look like finish carpentry. That means applying caulk, sanding applying more caulk and sanding.  The sanding part means I look like I shower in talcum powder.  It’s pretty funny.

My first dahlia of this summer bloomed last weekend and that means it is most definitely August. The leaves on the trees don’t look quite as green as they did in July, the days aren’t as long. I know what is coming and I dread it like a colonoscopy. So, I am just going to enjoy the rest of the summer sanding columns on the porch!

I am probably working on the porch today so I will not be able to visit as much or comment back as quickly as I would like.

Here’s what happened on my blog this past week. 

Last Week!

I looked at the first books in four new series!

The Veil Banner

MondayTHE VEIL — JUST in Time for its release

I chose to use the cover, and then made a background of Mardi Gras beads in the traditional colors of green, purple and yellow.   On that I used vintage scenes of New Orleans, especially their famous cemeteries.


Tuesday: WICKED CHARMS: Is it Magically Delicious? Lizzie and Diesel series
Argh! This involved a pirate shipwreck and treasure so here we go with a shipwreck superimposed on treasure! The little headphone icon is something I am trying to employ to show it is an audiobook.


A Wee Murder in My Shop Banner

Wednesday: A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP: Starts off a New Series for Fran Stewart
In this story there is a 14th century woman’s shawl haunted by the ghost of her lover. He is young, but the only piece I could find of his clan’s plaid was an old guy. And the young woman’s plaid was entirely wrong so I changed it.




Thursday: Someday her Prince will Come, Maybe: FREE AGENT by J. C. Nelson
In this world glitter is the currency.  Glitter talks and everything else walks.



Friday: WICKED WHITE by Michelle A. Valentine
There’s a trailer park in this tale that feels like it was vintage all the way. There are great old postcards on wikimedia.




What’s Coming Up!

THE BOURBON KINGS: Not all Mint Juleps in New JR Ward Series

ONLY A PROMISE Deep Look Inside a Troubled Hero

RULES OF CIVILITY by Amor Towles: Best Friends for Now

THE ART OF FIELDING by Chad Harbach: Zen, College and Baseball

THE UNDERCOVER SCOUNDREL Offers Another Side to the Story

Otherwise Occupied:

On the web I saw a couple of interesting things last week

It’s hard to believe that John Stewart left the best gig ever! I think he changed how I look at a lot of issues. Here is an interesting article about this awesome comedian in The Daily Beast: That One Time Jon Stewart Was Wrong by Dean Obeidallah 8/4/15

I remember as a kid how excited I would get about new TV shows. Apparently Flavorwire does too and here’s an article to show why:

10 TV Events to Look Out for in August by Pilot Viruet August 3, 2015


Hope you stop back in soon!