THE SUNDAY POST: No Obligations Monday!


Today, I am again taking part in  THE SUNDAY POST from The Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with new, and old  readers, and other bloggers! After you hang out here a while, I hope you’ll check out THE CAFFEINATED REVIEWER ‘s link up.

After working our butts off on Saturday and Sunday, my husband and I did almost nothing around the house on Monday.  We sat on the newly completed front porch for our lunch!! And, we opted not to hit the beach because it was a holiday and they’d be crowded.   Taking a day completely off from obligations is a big deal for us.

We’re not into crowds.

So we went shopping to find a few things we needed for our kitchen and elsewhere.  We ended up at Homegoods and Nordstrom’s Rack and found the bowls we sought for “rice bowl dinners” and a large platter we could use for oysters.

That evening we had a nice dinner and then watched a cute movie, SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY on On Demand. It felt like a cross between an old Pink Panther,  Neil Simon, and Woody Allen movie (but more scripted).  It had some actors who are trying to transition from being young romantic comedy leads to being older support characters.  We’re talking Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, both in their mid-forties so, yeah, ancient.  Owen does a great job, Jennifer Aniston, meh. Will Forte from SNL played a slightly more serious part than usual, although he was quietly funny. Rhys Ifans played a sleazy romantic leading man.  He did the sleazy really well.  Some actors we do not see often, like Richard Lewis, Debbie Mazar, and Cybill Shepard also appear. And Imogen Poots overdid the Brooklyn accent, but was otherwise charming. Quentin Tarantino makes a cameo. Ugh.

On the tube we have been watching Jean Luc Picard Patrick Stewart’s new show BLUNT TALK  on Starz. It is really funny if totally unrealistic. Adrian Scarborough plays his Jeeves and is outstanding.

I ordered my new car yesterday.  Yikes! Hope I can drive the new one as long as the one I am selling which I adore but is ten years old.

Last Week!

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New Icons:

The Creepy icon was because THE SOUND OF GLASS has some creepy characters, Racial issues are an important theme in FALL FROM INDIA PLACE, and I use the dominoes for icons involving series.

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