THE SUNDAY POST: Oh My Dahlias, Oh My Dahlias

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This past July we lost a lovely woman, Linda, to a cancer she had been fighting for about three years. As a fairly new friend,  I hadn’t known this Linda a really long time, but she was becoming a dear friend. A few years ago our mutual friend had given me some dahlia bulbs Linda had grown.  Well, you know what happens with Dahlias; they multiply, and multiply.  Each fall, here, we pull the bulbs and pack them for winter.
They had multiplied to well over a hundred bulbs and I was trying to palm them off on friends like they were end of summer zucchini.

This past year, I told my husband I wouldn’t pull the bulbs and I would move to a new color of dahlias, but then Linda passed away in July and suddenly throwing the bulbs away was just not possible. 

a red dahlia in my garden july 2014As long as her dahlias are in the world, here, and at the homes of other friends, Linda will be a bright and shining person in our hearts.

This past weekend and week, after the first hard frost, my husband and I pulled up a large tote box of bulbs, packed them in vermiculite and put them in our garage.  Next summer, we’ll be greeted by a couple of varieties of dark red dahlias which shall ever live in my mind as Linda’s Dahlias.

Wednesday we went out to dinner and then to see David Sedaris who was very funny – funnier than his last show in which he spoke more about his sister’s suicide than anything else. David suggested a book FAMILY LIFE A Novel by Akhil Sharma who read from this book before David started ( 

David wasn’t touring because of a new book but he is working on one.  He talked about the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, a strap-on he found while picking up rubbish on the side of the road in the UK where he lives.  He spoke about his father and sisters who spend Thanksgiving with him at his beach house, the “Sea Section,” on the East Coast, and feeding a fatty tumor he had on his side to a snapping turtle.  One surgeon told him there was a law about giving him anything he had removed from his body, and so he had a doctor he met at a book signing do it.

And, he spoke about his invitation to the White House for Thursday and how he didn’t know what to expect.  He didn’t think the President would be meeting him, but, I recently listened to Minday Kaling’s new book WHY NOT ME (review coming up on Wednesday) and she describes how the President asked to meet her and invited her to the White House. I hope he enjoys his trip.


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