The Diamond Caper: Living The Dream

The Diamond Caper


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By Peter Mayle

Read by Erik Davies

Category: Suspense & Thriller
Publisher: Penguin Random House
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Imprint: Random House Audio
Oct 06, 2015 | 354-360 Minutes | ISBN 9781101924396
Imprint: Knopf
Hardcover/e-book | Oct 06, 2015 | 224 Pages

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Bon vivant and expert sleuth Sam Levitt and his partner in love and intrigue, Elena Morales, return in the latest installment of the delightfully sun-splashed Provençal Caper series.

When a Riviera socialite’s diamonds are stolen—the latest in a string of seemingly unconnected but ever-more-audacious jewelry heists across France—Elena flies in to investigate the insurance claim. It’s a trip she’s more than happy to make, as it gives her a chance to meet up with old friends in Marseille—and, particularly, with Sam.

Once reunited, Sam isn’t entirely distracted by domestic matters. In the pattern of these “perfect crimes” he’s beginning to see a master at work, and he’s quickly determined to connect and solve the cases. But as he and Elena dig deeper, they begin to realize just how much is connected and how dangerous it may be to pursue the whole truth.

Meanwhile, there’s a house to renovate, rosé to share, and feasts of Provençal summer bounty to enjoy. Full of Peter Mayle’s inimitable wit and style, The Diamond Caper is sure to charm faithful fans and new readers alike.



My Take Oblong


I have read how Mayle’s books sparkle not because of any heavy duty crime solving  — I figured it out with about two words in one chapter, but because of the characters and his descriptions of the food and location of Southern France.  I am perhaps less enchanted by Southern France than many people, but since I cannot eat bread I did not find it an easy place to be. But, I have to hand it to the guy for figuring out a way to live his dream and make a great living writing about it!

It is impossible to discuss the theme of this book without it being a little too revealing so


What I think was most interesting about this book was a theme of “TRUST;” how we take people on as bosom friends too easily and without really knowing them. We are encouraged to believe a stranger is a friend we have not yet met.  I think it okay to meet people and make them friends, but the person everyone in this book takes on as a great friend is not all that trustworthy.  I can see where it would be easy to think, oh I can trust you because so and so does, or because you have really good taste that affirms my own.

In the book one person is too trusting and the other is not and this causes tension between them.

As far as the mystery goes. the clue runs from one phrase uttered in describing a relationship. There’s a little red herring thrown in for good measure, but with the clue my mystery sensor went off like a car alarm in an earthquake.

Earlier books by Mayle, and I haven’t read one since the Year in Provence, book came out years ago, are supposed to wax poetic about the the Provencal countryside, the food, and the idiosyncrasies of the people.  Except for a few, exchanges between well-off friends and their decorators, I didn’t really find that here. They go to a couple of markets and talk about asparagus, but  though  I love it but it is just asparagus.

This is the perfect light read or listen if you are on your way to a vacation: it’s pretty, pleasant, clean and doesn’t require a lot of thought. I enjoyed it but might not buy it for myself.

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