Iconographia: Emotional Response/Emotions and Sex

Emotional Response (my own and possible any other readers) is a big part of a book appeal or lack of same.  And since sex and emo go together in IRL I decided to connect the dots here as well.

I read a lot of books with sex in them. A LOT OF SEX. I have to think of ways to show it without showing “IT” to graphically. I can put it on my site but if a picture of the ins and outs of the old in and out migrated to FB well, that’s a pain. For example, in a lot of steamy romance or erotica there are scenes of public sex. But, it is hard to find a picture of people having sex in public, right? NO — there a whole ton of it on Wikimedia. Thomas Rowlandson, a Regency illustrator showed it a lot. Those uptight Brits were really pervy.

He did show condoms as a device for avoiding syphilis — kind of ahead of his time.

Sex  Stuff:

Heat:  I don’t do stars and have never really specified what these mean  maybe they indicate how fast I jump my husband’s bones after reading a book:


What Happens in Bed, or Out of It:



Emotions and Emotional Responses:

New Emotion Icons (not yet employed):


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