WICKED EVER AFTER by Delilah S. Dawson: Granny’s Got Game


Wicked Ever After Cover A BLUD NOVEL #7

by Delilah S. Dawson
Pocket Star EBooks/Simon & Schuster –
E-Book Formats: 177 pages
October 5, 2015
ISBN 9781501102110


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WICKED EVER AFTER by Delilah S. Dawson is the seventh and final installment in her highly praised steampunk-tinged “Blud” series of paranormal vampire romance, where romance returns to Tish and Criminy—but “happily ever after” is never ordinary in the world of Sang.

Ever since landing in the magical world of Sang and falling in love with dashing ringmaster Criminy Stain, Tish has been waiting for the axe to fall. Until her dying grandmother’s last breath on Earth, Tish can’t bring herself to give up her all-too human frailty and commit to life on Sang as a youthful, long-lived Bludman like her handsome husband. But when a peculiar twist of fate delivers Tish’s grandmother to Sang, an unexpected chain of events forces Tish and Criminy to embark on one last wild adventure. From old friends to new and into the lair of terrifying enemies, the couple’s love and longevity will be pushed to the brink by each harrowing encounter. Is blud thicker than blood, and can Tish and Crim find their wicked ever after? (copy  Provided by Publisher)



My Take Oblong


This final story in one of my favorite series, by one of my favorite authors, is very different from the earlier books in the Blud series.  Delilah’s writer’s voice is different and the resulting book is darker, edgier and sexier. 

I loved how Delilah explores Letitia’s relationships with her grandmother and her husband, Criminy Stain. With Letitia’s grandmother we learn that people are not always willing to fit into the boxes in which we put them. And from Criminy we get some really, really hot and committed love.

Letitia herself is bitchier than I remember.  She’s actually, kind of, a cranky shrew.  I also found the book’s love scenes darker, more graphic and sexier.  Along with Letitia’s bitchiness, we get her view of the others in the caravan as even darker, more threatening and unpleasant.

This is not the place to start reading this series.  If you read a lot of PNR (and if you don;t know what that is then you do not read enough of it) then you might catch on to it fairly quickly to the world-building, but it makes the best sense in the context of the series. And, the backstory would be missing.

This is my favorite “steampunk” series because it is about relationships and magic and not about clever devices.  Dawson makes no attempt to explain “Sang” with science, which is refreshing. If you have read the rest of the series this edgy volume is absolutely necessary, a MUST READ.  And if you like edgy, alternate worlds inhabited with sexy bludmen you have to know the series is a MUST READ!



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Delilah S. Dawson is the author of Wicked After Midnight, Wicked As They Come, Wicked As She Wants, and three enovellas set in the enchanting land of Sang: The Mysterious Madam Morpho, The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance, and The Damsel and the Daggerman.  She also contributed a story to the star-studded urban fantasy anthology Carniepunk.  Her novel for young adults, Servants of the Storm, is available from Simon Pulse.  She lives with her family in Atlanta.  To keep up with the latest news about Delilah and her books,  check out her site at: http://www.whimsydark.com/


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