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Canada IconMontreal was a good long drive in the new car. It took abut six hours and it was still better than flying.  Once we got there we sent the car off with the valet and didn’t pull it out until we left.  We walked everywhere and took only 2 cabs.  It’s a darn, good, thing too; the food up that way is a little rich. 

If, like us, you like bacon, or smoked meat, fresh and well-prepared food, Montreal is the place for you.  It is also a good place for vegetarian food. Things did seem more expensive due to the VAT tax. But, people are polite, the city is pretty safe, and the traffic is manageable.  We joked about moving there if, our least favorite politicians were to be elected next year.

The first day it was chilly but Tuesday and Wednesday it was unbelievably warm for November. Aside from shopping, my favorite thing was an exhibit we saw at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: The Colours of Jazz, which is about an organization of Canadian  of the 20th century, the Beaver Hall Group.  It was partly famous for allowing women to join and show their work at a time when that was difficult. Still, most of the women stopped painting professionally when they married and had children.  I loved the art, REALLY!

This video is, sadly, the only shareable thing I could find:

What surprised me hugely was that I know most of the bigger American and European artists from the period, but I didn’t recognize any of these artists from north of the US border.   But, as I am researching this, I find it is almost as if these artists made marks but are rarely shown. Check out the exhibit at and if you have time and wherewithal you should see the exhibit!

Montreal is filled with delicious food, and a lot of it is Gluten Free, or GF Free friendly. We found a couple of bakeries, Cookies Stefanie which our hotel left us in our room on arrival — OMG they were so good and come in a beautiful hat box!  And, Baked2Go which bakes and ships GF bread, muffins, madeleines, bagels and CROISSANTS. Everything is so good! The bagels and croissants in particular.

The first dinner we had, was Poutine.

Poutine de La Banquise

My husband is French Canadian by ancestry, so this is the food of his people. Poutine is basically fries, often cheese, and gravy. It’s kind of like Quebecois Nachos.  There are lots of ways to get it where we went, including with nacho toppings. The night we arrived we ate at La Banquise – which has a gluten free-ish (ie, fry oil is contaminated) poutine. I decided to risk it since we walked a couple of miles to get there. It is pretty funky so the concierge at our hotel felt he needed to warn us of it’s funkiness.

We had lunch on Monday at another restaurant – a small chain called Crudessence. It was all raw, GF and vegan. Seriously delicious too!
We also ate at the bar in our hotel, had croissants for Baked to Go and for my birthday we had a blowout dinner at Maison Bouloud, which is also attached to the Ritz-Carlton Montreal where we stayed.

When we got back, I started up my blog-engine again



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