Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving: making and/or eating delicious food, watching a parade and dog show, etc. But, Detective Tom Turkey and his partner are having a tough time. Tom’s a tough old bird and he’ll make it through this crisis. His partner — not so lucky, you might say his goose was cooked. Yes Tom is carrying a gun, but he’s a cop; they have guns.

Here are some other graphics from Thanksgiving which is celebrated on different days throughout Western cultures.  Here’s one of some Canadian soldiers celebrating Thanksgiving in 1918 at a cathedral in  Cambrai , France.  I am not a Christian; religious person at all, but there is something hauntingly beautiful and humbling about this picture.

A_Thanksgiving_Service_Attended_by_Canadian_Troops_Being_Held_in_the_Cambrai_CathedralAnd here’s one reminding us that most of us aren’t really from here. I hear a lot of anti-immigration sentiment these days and as the child of children of immigrants, I  am profoundly grateful that America made room for my grandparents.


The political cartoon above is by Thomas Nast appearing in Harper’s Weekly in 1869. Columbia and Uncle Sam entertain a variety of peoples from around the world as Lincoln Washington and Grant stare down from their portraits.  At the bottom left it says “Welcome all,”  and on the right, “Free and Equal.” 

But mostly, today is about enjoying a lovely meal with my husband just like this lovely puritan couple walking through the woods. Another gun! The gun back then would have been protection and hunting.  Life in the early colonies was subsistence and you never knew when food would hop on by.

Pilgrim Couple


Featured Image composite,  copyright 2015 Stephanie Takes-Desbiens. All rights reserved. Other images, and those in composite, labeled as public domain by wikimedia.

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