THE EXHIBITIONIST: Nate & Abby Explore the Limits of Sexual Freedom

The Exhibitionist

THE EXHIBITIONIST coverThe Submissive Series
By: Tara Sue Me
Narrator: Angelica Lee & Jack Cave
Imprint: Penguin Audio
Genre: Fiction – Romance – Contemporary
Release Date: November 03, 2015
7 Hours and 57 Minutes


Audiobook provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


She’s ready for even more.…

When Abby West discovered her submissive desires, she felt like she was born anew. But lately, her Dominant husband hasn’t been the demanding Master who once fulfilled her every passion. Abby begins to crave something else—and to wonder if Nathaniel can still push her past her boundaries to the places she craves.

Nathaniel knows that Abby belongs to him completely, but even he can’t ignore the pleasure on her face as they get to know their new BDSM group. They’ve invited Nathaniel to guide their group to a new level, and he’s promised to show them the way, even as he recommits to fulfilling his beautiful submissive wife’s every desire. Only this time, uncovering her sexual limits may also expose their relationship to more conflict than it can withstand.… – See more at:


My Take Oblong


Go Abby!

I LOVED to see the tables turned on Nate as he struggles, both as Abby’s Dom and as her husband over getting her what she needs sexually. HAH!   I would not be a good BDSM participant: I would like to see Nate punished for being a jerk to her in this book. 

And, I think it brings to mind how the idea of a Dom must eventually collide with a certain emotional violence against cultural norms for  marriage and gender roles. In other words, one can be art to an alternative lifestyle, but eons of culture and the ideas of husband and marriage one is exposed to in the formative years are still  a big part of who one is. You can remove the man from the cave, but you cannot remove the cave from the man.

I liked the female narrator in this book, but the male narrator annoyed me to no end. I often play audio when I am cooking or in the bathroom putting on my face and usually I don’t care what my husband thinks about the book. But in this instance I was embarrassed to be listening to this man’s narration.  A “boarding school accent” — that semi-British/highly cultured affectation, is evident in every male character.  I just disliked his narration on a visceral level.

And, while I normally think Tara Sue Me is fairly adept at handling the first person, in this case, the male narrator simply ruined it for me with his delivery.  I found it oily.   I would really have preferred the entire thing read solely by Angelica Lee, the female narrator.

Parts of the story really worked well, and others felt like Tara was trying to pull the next book, THE MASTER, a little closer to this one.  BUT, I seem to have missed two books, THE COLLAR and THE ENTICEMENT,  between this and the last one I read, THE CHALET (the wedding and honeymoon with an epilogue about having kids). THE ENTICEMENT seems to have been about Nathanial and Abby, and THE COLLAR is part of what feels like a spin-off about BDSM clubs. 

While, I am finding I have read enough BDSM Erotica as I want for now, I may try to keep up with this and a couple of other series for a while.   This story does explore mental manipulation as well as physical; they call it a “mindfuck.”

I do like the O’Keefe/Maplethorpe inspired cover.

But I will not be listening to any of these with the male narrator used here.

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