Co-Inky-Dinks: Weird Reading Events

I’ve talked about this before.  I will read a book that has a strange or even a normal thing but which is not often in a book. Then I will read another book and it will have the same thing (item, crime, theme) but not just a sub-genre like rock’n roll romance.

Here’s a hypothetical (because of course now that I need it I can’t think of one): I am reading a book where the heroine gets a miniature Eiffel Tower and in the next book I pick up someone is murdered with a miniature Eiffel Tower.

Neither item is evident on the cover or blurb.
But after I wrote this I was reading LOVE, LUCK AND LEMON PIE and the main character, MJ, can only cook a couple of things and she makes eggs for dinner.  In the book I just finished, MAJOR MISCONDUCT the female love interest orders an omelet for dinner.  Now, that’s not entirely strange; in many places it is very normal, but it is weird that I read that in two disparate books, LOVE, LUCK AND LEMON PIE is women’s fiction and takes place somewhere with casinos and MAJOR MISCONDUCT takes place in Chicago and is centered on people associated with a particular hockey team.

So, you read the parenthetical:

(because of course now that I need it I can’t think of one)

That is a problem for me — call it old age, or call it reading one book as soon as I finish another and you have the point of this post.  I am going to keep track of any coincidences I find and then over or under analyze it. The analyzing will have more to do with how much time and interest I end up having.

The whole thing will be a new page in my menu: “Co-inky-Dinkally Reading

Sometimes the coincidence is in an error in an ARC: like the time I found the word “lathe” had been substituted for “lave” in the phrase “He laved her nipple.” Now, it could be said to be a weird coincidence, all by itself, that I saw that phrase twice in a weekend but I found the error infinitely funnier!

If YOU find a coincidence like this please report it to my new page!

The two books above and the eggs will be my first coincidence  (March 17, 2016).