One Scandalous Kiss

1+Scandalous_Kiss coverAccidental Heirs Novel, #1
by Christy Carlyle
HarperCollins/Avon/Avon Impulse
E-Book On Sale: 09/08/2015
Mass Market Paperback: On Sale: 10/13/2015
Pages: 432

E-Galley provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.




When a scheming marquess’s daughter offers her one hundred pounds to publicly kiss a nobleman, a desperate Jessamin Wright agrees. She believes the money will save her failing bookstore and finally free her from her father’s debts. But when Jess bursts into an aristocratic party and shocks the entire ton, she never expects to enjoy the outrageous embrace she shares with a grim viscount.

Lucius Crawford, Viscount Grimsby, has never met, or kissed, anyone like the beautiful suffragette who unsettles him with a single touch. He has always strived for control and avoided passion at all costs. Lucius is determined to protect his title and restore the estate he’s unexpectedly inherited, but Jess’s appearance in his life poses a threat to his plans and his heart. After a country house party brings them together once more, neither can resist temptation, and both find that one scandalous kiss just isn’t enough.


My Take Oblong


My experience reading this novel was akin to watching a movie that was not objectionable, but not terribly interesting or exciting either. The relationship between Lucius and Jessamine  hinges on one magical kiss and it’s ripple effect on the lives of several people.  The main characters all seem intelligent and interesting but the premise that some  “…scheming marquess’s daughter offers her [Jessamin] one hundred pounds to publicly kiss a nobleman,” is even more ridiculous than the character, Jessamin, thinks it is.   This character, Kitty is one of two Puck-like characters; male and female antagonists. And, it is so easy for Kitty  to sway Jessamin from acceptable behavior with the offer of money. Is the author attempting to make us think of the thousands of ways people whore themselves every day?
In a way, I guess, the novel’s characters are anticipating the massive changes in-store for the British aristocracy.

And, the characters’ relationships to each other aren’t really well developed.  For example, Lucius has a friend who is tolerated, but who seems both wise and puckish. I did not understand his relationship to the characters at all.  And the characters each seem to be the victim of some sort of trauma turning them all into somewhat broken people.

The motives of the individuals who push each event in the story forward are hard to understand. And the ending of the story comes about as if in a dream.

I was just not enticed by the story or the characters. I had to force myself through it. But it does cover and interesting time and has an interesting start and it does cover the movement for women’s suffrage so I have to give it some points for women’s rights!


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