PIES & PREJUDICE: Magic & Baked Goods

Pies and Prejudice

Pies & Prejudice coverBook 1 in the Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery series
Author Ellery Adams
Narrated by C.S.E Cooney
Publication date Jan 26, 2016
Running time 9 hrs

Audiobook provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

When the going gets tough, Ella Mae LaFaye bakes pies. So when she catches her husband cheating in New York, she heads back home to Havenwood, Georgia, where she can drown her sorrows in fresh fruit filling and flaky crust. But her pies aren’t just delicious. They’re having magical effects on the people who eat them, and the public is hungry for more.

Discovering her hidden talent for enchantment, Ella Mae makes her own wish come true by opening the Charmed Pie Shoppe. But with her old nemesis Loralyn Gaynor making trouble, and her old crush Hugh Dylan making nice, she has more than pie on her plate. When Loralyn’s fiancé is found dead—killed with Ella Mae’s rolling pin—it’ll take all her sweet magic to clear her name.

My Take Oblong

With a potential for a love quadrangle, a bunch of magical aunts, and a nasty siren for a lifelong bad-girl enemy, The main character in this magical cozy has her work cut out for her.  Plus she has an ex who wants her back. The questions are whether the ex would give up his philandering ways and also if he had ever been more than a ticket out.

Turns out, she was looking at her life, before she married, from the point of view of a child. Looking back as an adult is always different?

I found it hard to keep all the people in the story straight.   I think it is a function of there being a lot of elements to the story with a strange family bond, a paranormal element, a feud, and more.  And, while a crazy, Southern mystery can be fun this one just went a little too far out on a limb for me.

There was at least one disconnect in the story line as well that bothered me and the nature of the paranormal is not revealed.  Leaving it so wide open makes anything possible.  One character is identified as a Siren, but I have yet to fully understand Ella Mae’s family’s gifts.  

In any event this was not such a great read for me. I found the Southern stereotyping and the unidentified paranormal aspects a bit too much.

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Author: http://www.elleryadamsmysteries.com/